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Monster Hunter World New Training Area Shown off!

Those good old folk over at Game Informer have shown off a handy video showing a new training area that lets you have a play about with some weapons etc before going into battle. Any monster hunter out there will know how handy that will be.
Monster Hunter World will be out January next year. Aloy will be exclusive to PlayStation so playing the game will feel like a huge Horizon Zero Dawn add-on!

Take a look.
Game Informer's Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson show off new gameplay from Monster Hunter: World's training area, demonstrating different weapons like the light bowgun and insect glaive to give an idea of all the different ways that this space is designed to welcome newcomers to the series.

Awesome Aim controller and Bravo Team bundle spotted!

Anyone wanting an Aim Controller to beef up there PSVR experiense need to take a look at what Smyths Toys have on offer. The bundle has an RRP of £79.99 but Smyths are doing it for just £59.99. Amazing value.
What's more a sticker states that you can also get a free download of That's You thrown in the mix.

Take a look here. Smyths Toys.