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EA and Sony top last years Live Action TV spot!

The new TV spot for Star Wars Battlefront 2 has gone live. It's brilliant. Like last years offering it shows playing with Star Wars toys to then later for fill those dreams in real life battles. They must cost a fortune to make but wow, are they worth it.

Take a look here.

HUGE PS Plus Black Friday deals for the US Store!

A huge sale is starting this Friday with up to 40% off some titles including:COD WW2Destiny 2NBA 2K18Fifa 18Madden 18South Park and much much more.
Keep an eye open this Friday!

Gearbox Software......PLEASE bring back Brothers In Arms.

The Brilliant Brothers In Arms

Thanks to Activision and Sledgehammer Games we have been taken back to World War 2 for our shooting fix. I've been wanting this for years, so much so that I was getting really fed up with game after game doing the modern run and gun thing. I kept putting it down to my age? But it turns out I'm not on my own.

I grew up with PlayStation, like many others in the late teens or in my case early 20's. Medal Of Honor was my first real WW2 shooter and at the time it was simply mind blowing. Other games arrived and were great but the best in my opinion was Gearbox Software's Brothers in Arms.

This was the thinking mans shooter, no by numbers holding the hand here. Think, plan, manoeuvre and out flank the enemy. Brilliant stuff. It was like Band Of Brothers the game. Anyone who'd ran about as a child playing soldiers loved BIA. You were playing in real settings photographed from real battlegrounds. You were fighting in the shoes of real heroes …