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Spintires:MudRunner PlayStation 4 Review

As most people turn to get there racing fix from GT Sport there is a game rolling over the hill and down a slippery muddy hill, in a big fat truck. MudRunner will be so far away from anything you've played before, on any wheels come to that. Never having played a game like this before I have to be very careful on how to review it. You see not being familiar with this type of genre I'm having to be very open minded. I see this game as a puzzle game on wheels, VERY big wheels. You have tasks and have to solve them. Most are fetch and carry but you have to plan on the best way to achieve your objective. You have various 'rigs' at your disposal and using these to plan ahead and get the job done. You can even get online and team up in a co-op mode to half the burden and use team tactics to get the missions done. You can choose different trailers, carriers, cranes, pulleys etc etc and this choosing of the right tools and vehicle is crucial. You will get stuck, see my

AER: Memories Of Old Review for PlayStation 4

Daedalic Entertainment and developer forgotten key are very brave. To go up against the likes of Assassins Creed, Wolfenstein and Call of Duty is one hell of a statement. It's a cluttered time for game releases You must have lots of faith in a game to do this. Forgotten Key have been working on the game for five years and have pored love into this project and you can tell. Words like "beautiful" "charming" and "relaxing" are not out of place when describing this game.  I found my time playing a totally stress free and engaging experience. At first glance you'd think you were looking at Sony's very own Tearaway. The world in AER is broken into sections that you can explore from the moment you get outside of the first dungeon. Playing as a girl, a shapshifter you can transform into a bird and sore high about the world on your quest to restore order and solve the mystery. The transformation is seamless with a double tap of the X button. As