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Observer Review for PlayStation 4

I remember as a teenager an actor that stood out for me and a movie, that movie was Wanted Dead Or Alive staring Rutger Hauer. I was made up to learn that he would be playing the main character in the new horror game from Bloober Team. You play as Daniel an investigator, receiving a call from his son asking for help which leads him to an apartment block that gets locked down as soon as he has entered, cutting it off from the outside world. The block is full of mad, strange tenants that remain locked behind doors where interacting with them comes through a game of door knocking to try to solve riddles and find out what has happened to your son.  The game soon gets very bloody and anyone with the faintest admiration for jump scare games or who are in any way won over by mad trippy mind bending soul searching are in for a treat. Observer starts off slow but intriguing. You visit your sons apartment to find a 'mess', to search through this to gather clues you have a scan