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Middle Earth:Shadow Of War Slays PlayStation 4 from tomorrow

Shadow of War is the follow up to the brilliant Shadow of Mordor. PS4 Pro 4K magic will be on show as it was with the last game. Shadow of Mordor is one of the games that I played to death to get the Platinum trophy.
Looking forward to reviewing the game shortly. In the meantime here's some new screens from Warner Brothers. The game hits retail 10th October.

Sudden Strike 4 Update for PlayStation 4

A huge patch is ready to download on PS4. The patch notes can be seen below. We gave the game a 9/10 in our review.
Host migration fixesGroup movement formation improvementsGeneral pathfinding fixesFixed moving players in skirmish lobby when there are closed slots Tutorial video fixesUnit count limit in multiplayerCamera adjusted to starting position in multiplayerRepair truck stuttering fixTutorial crash fixFixed incorrect badge image for Conclusive EvictionInfantry now uses watchtowers correctlyTweaking AoE damage in case of visible units in vehiclesAdded aim prediction to direct targeting gunners to track moving targetsImplemented setting to turn off unit silhouettes and unit outlines (Settings/Gameplay)Fixed infinite wait time in multiplayer when the starting player leaves the game and at least 3 players remainedIn-flight target tracking has been removed from certain slow-moving projectiles (unguided AT rockets)Badges are…