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Sudden Strike 4 PlayStation 4 Review.

Anyone reading this review that have come to know me over the years will know straight away that anything World War 2 gets me excited. Amongst all the made up over the top future shooter nonsense that has flooded the games market over the past decade has made me turn my back on most shooters. It's refreshing to see developers go back to WW2. Kite are a new developer set up two years ago and Sudden Strike 4 is there new baby. You can see the love for the great series they have inherited. Sudden Strike 4 is brilliant. There I've said it. Now if you want to deduct one or two marks from my score because of the lack of this type of game on PlayStation consoles and take my excitement level into account, feel free. But what you also have to know is that I've played very few PC games, one I have played is the brilliant Company of Heroes. SS4 is a real time strategy game. Anyone who doesn't know what that is I will quickly try to help out. Basically you have units that you