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Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Trailer shown off

The brand new trailer for RDR has been shown by Rockstar. Little details are shown but maybe some insights into the main character?

Take a look.

Sudden Strike 4 review incoming!

At the moment I'm playing through the excellent Playstation 4 console exclusive Sudden Strike 4.
If you don't know about the game think Company of Heroes on PC and your on the right track.
Set in World War 2 you can play as all three major war factions battling across war torn France and into Germany  taking in some of the conflicts bloodiest battles.

Multiplayer is included as is remote play and PS4 PRO enhancements.
So far this is turning out to be a very welcome game that is very long over due. A good WW2 RTS game is what's missing from Playstation so what are you waiting for? Buy it.
So far it has a 4.6 out of 5 on PSN.

Monster Hunter tracks down PS4 January

Now this is quite a shock, to me anyway. I'm used to waiting an age for Monster Hunter on Playstation. Then at this years Tokyo Game Show Capcom have said that the game will have a "Worldwide" release this coming January 26th 2018.

Not only that but a special edition game and also a special edition Playstation 4 PRO bundle will also launch.
Can't wait for this one.

WW2 RTS Sudden Strike 4 hits Playstation 4

UPDATE: It's worth pointing out that the game is a Playstation Console Exclusive.

In case you didn't know and wanted a little World War 2 action then you'll be pleased to know that Sudden Strike 4 is out right now on Playstation 4.
You get to play on three fronts to view battles from all sides, including Dunkirk and Operation Overloard. A new studio Kite games has been working hard for two years to put this together. Give it a go.

Take a look at the movie below.

Special Edition Playstation 4 announced.

Take a look at the new PS4. The camo design is going to launch as a special WW2 (World War Two) Call Of Duty bundle.
November 3rd Launch.