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Obduction announced for PlayStation VR

Myst and Riven developer Cyan have announced some exciting news about there stunning looking first person adventure game. The developer has been working on the project for 3 years and they are excited about getting out to millions of PS4 owners. Obduction is due in 2017 for Playstation 4. “We’re going all-in on VR,” said Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, in an interview with GamesBeat. “And the PlayStation breaks open our availability as a much broader platform for us. I [was] amazed at how good this looks on a console.” “Cyan has a history of creating meticulously crafted immersive worlds. VR feels like the ultimate medium for magically transporting players to new places,” said Miller. “We’re opening up the Obduction virtual reality experience to more platforms and going all in for the VR future. We have some optimisation to do for the PS4, but it is surprisingly capable as a platform.” Looking forward to more news soon.