PlayStation VR Worlds Review

Many gamers have made a royal fuss over this game arguing that it should have been included with the VR headset as demo tech. In one way I agree but hey, these things cost money to develop so I'm more than happy with the £22.00 entry fee I paid for the game. It costs that to go to see a movie with the wife without eating.....go figure.

I feel I've more than had my monies worth with my play time and more than that, I've had the wife on it, my son, friends and my Mum and Dad are coming for tea this week for some fun. PlayStation VR Worlds hits the nail on the head where it needs to. Something for everyone.

My first experience of PSVR was Ocean Decent. It's the voyage into the deep that is simply a Shark cage ride into the depths viewing all sorts of marine life with a heart racing attack at the end to spice things up. The demo gives you your first real spacial awareness feel of how far you can move before face-planting yourself on your front room wall. I tried to kick out at the shark nearly falling over, my son sniggering behind me. The only disappointing thing for me is that early showings of shooting a flare gun has been removed. Shame

Next up was The London Heist. What a ride this is. If you've seen Lock Stock you'll feel right at home with over the top cockney brooster's getting right in your face. After a shoot out and van getaway involving shooting everything on wheels you'll be left wondering where you are when you take the VR off. Welcome to VR. Reloading and seeing your guns on screen is quite unnerving. It's not as good as Until Dawn ROB but it's close. There are quite a few shooting galleries to mess about in  and all are great fun.

Danger Ball is for all you footy nuts out there with a twist. You move your head as a tracking reticule moves in the direction you look. It's simple. Bounce a ball back at an AI goalie or score targets etc as the ball moves faster. it's really good fun and a break from the other more demanding experiences.

VR Luge is a fast moving game that sees you lying down hurtling down hill towards objects including lorries, cars etc. I must say that this was not for me.

And lst but not least. The vomit commit that is Scavengers Odyssey. Whoa this made me ill. What they were thinking about jumping from rock to rock is any ones guess. Myself and my son both felt strange after playing this. In fact even driving the next day didn't feel right. I'd love to meet the tester of this game as he must have a head made of stone. Not for me.

So that left me three experiences to mess about on but I still feel I've had my monies worth. I've seen so many people dive down to face the shark over the past two weeks and 1000's of bullets fired in London. PSVR is fun for all and PlayStation Worlds is a must have for all VR owners to show off to friends and family.



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