PlayStation 4 PRO PSVR Boost

I have been reading a few websites and what they think of PS4 PRO and how it boosts PlayStation VR. (or doesn't)
I strongly feel that some sites, no matter what, are intent on hating the PRO.
I got the PRO on launch to go with my Sony 4K TV. Now as you may know, the Sony TV does a great job of up scaling the image to 4K with the built in K1 chip. So games looked great before. PRO boosts them with my TV to really nice prity graphics and text now really pops on games like Fallout 4. I'm not sure if Fallout has had 4K patches yet but on my TV it looks incredible.

Back to VR. Games simply look much, much better. Take VR worlds. I've read people say they see a slight difference. Rubbish. I've not played that game for two weeks and as soon as it loaded the difference was huge. The stone floor in the game lobby area is now crisp and the Dual Shock 4 is crisp with no jaggies.
I tried the shark cage as this was the first game I tried when I first got the VR. EVERYTHING is so much clearer, cleaner and the lighting pops as does textures. What I found strange was the fact that everything seems bigger, the cage, the shark everything seem bigger. What's more the text on the yellow hand operated dial hanging in the cage is now clearly readable. Before the text was all blurred.

                                        This is more like the image now with PlayStation PRO

I tried all the games, they all pop in the same way. Batman is another one. Everything looks so much sharper. I'm not talking just a little or hard to tell like some others make out. As soon as these games boot you'll instantly be able to notice the difference. Interestingly, Scavengers Odyssey made me want to vomit. Last night on Pro I was fine?? Really not sure why. Does Pro boost the frame rate? That game too looked much better.

Batman is now cleaner looking on PRO

PlayStation Pro for me is a no brainer. I've sold my old PS4 (launch model) for £150 so a £199.00 investment for a 4K PS4 that does everything I want with double the hard drive space.
Pro is essential to any 4K TV owner or anyone with PSVR.


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