Call Of Duty Jackal Assault VR Review: Updated

Update: In-game VR footage.

It come as a bit of a shock this week for Call Of Duty Jackal Assault to appear in the store for, get this......FREE.

Ok it's short but this was announced as part of Infinite Warfare, but to download for free without even owning the full game from the store is massive kudos to Activision.

In Jackal Assault you take charge of a state of the art fighter jet. As you sit in the cockpit you can look around the hanger and view your arms and hands moving back and forth as you move the thumb sticks on the dual shock 4.

After shooting out of the hanger you are treated to a short tutorial to get to grips with the controls. You use the thumb sticks as you would any FPS or flight game but the VR twist comes in the form of seeking out targets buy just looking for them and locking on then firing homing missiles with L2. Firing your main guns is with R2. You can invert your looking preference by simply pressing square.

Graphics are very good and sound is brilliant. In normal VR fair I found myself ducking as huge explosions filled my field of view. It's short but striking and excites me for Ace Combat VR.

I think it's very important to point out that I had very little motion sickness. This could be that I'm now getting used to VR games. I hope so.

I really hope Activision see fit to turn this into a full game. Until then you can download this for free without owning the full game. What are you waiting for?



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