Playstation VR Blurred Graphics problems. UPDATED 30/10/16

UPDATE: Expectation is a strange thing. Seeing many YouTube videos of VR games is not a great idea. Vr in reality is totally different to what you see on the TV. On paper an OLED 1080p screen sounds all nice and crisp but when in front of your eyes and massive you can understand why some people, like me, can be taken back with what they see. Once I got used to it though and a week or so later I'm now blown away.
Once I'd got used to the image I was hooked by what I was doing in this new games space. I've had two headsets and they are identical. I've also tried the HTC Vive now, imo the PSVR is overall much better.

Origonal Story:

Many Playstation VR users are reporting very blurred images with the new VR headset..........including me.

I was very excited to try VR for the first time only to be very disappointed by what I was seeing. (tried phone VR in the past) I tried the Shark game in the VR Worlds game only to be greeted by a very blurred shark cage and what looks like a shimmering mesh over the image that moves when you turn.

First off, it's not the covers that some users have on the eye glass when new, the cover was missing on mine curiously. It maybe that the HDR option is interfering with the unit so turn off if you have it on auto.
It could be a HDMI problem but it's looking more and more like a firmware problem. You are prompted to download an update when first turning on. One user reported his image was fine before updating on

One things for sure, this isn't right. IGN stated that the image people see on the TV isn't as crisp as what the person with the VR headset is viewing. This is opposite to what I'm getting. It's best decribed as sitting with a pair of the wifes tights on my head......not great.

All reviews are suspended until this issue is resolved.


  1. Hi Mike. Thanks for your help.
    Tried all that and more. Some users are saying it was ok before they updated??
    I think some users have an old unit like myeslf maybe or it could be a launch PS4 issue? Mine is an old launch PS4.


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