Robinson The Journey PSVR Launch Trailer

The wait is nearly over for what is looking likely to be the jewel in PlayStation VRs crown. You play a young boy stranded on a dinosaur infested planet. To say the game looks lush is an understatement. PS Pro support is also on the cards. We'll have Pro in the next 10 days so we'll be bringing you a full review of the game soon.

Until Dawn Rush Of Blood Review

PlayStation VR is here. With it comes probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest line up of games any launch has seen. So how do you choose what games to get, what will make you feel ill? if any.
I went for VR Worlds and Rush of Blood, an Until Dawn spin off. Now I remember seeing a big Internet games site saying they'd played Until Dawn on PSVR but it wasn't the game you were hoping for. This statement was so far off the mark, in fact Rush of Blood is not only brilliant, it's my first AAA VR game and the game that in fact made me happy about my £349.00 investment. And you know what? It cost £12.00.

I know what your thinking, a £12.00 game justifying a £349.00 purchase? you're mad.
Maybe I am or maybe the developer just nailed that feeling I wanted, that, 'I'm in the game feeling.'

When you boot up the game you're greeted to a slow move down a track up to the title screen. This was the first time I yelled out in VR. My wife sitting behind me startled at my shouts of anguish, ticking me off for my bad language. As you draw up you're greeted by a familiar face. You set-up to use a DS4 or two move controllers. If you don't own Move controllers........Stop. Turn off the game and buy some...........return. Rush of Blood needs to be played with Move controllers. Simple.
Set-up your two motion controllers and stair. This is the first strange sensation you'll have in VR. As you turn your hands your hands on-screen will turn in perfect simulation but instead of controllers you hold guns. Your brain feels controllers but your eyes see guns and this is it folks............virtual reality. It's a surreal feeling and one that will at first confuse. You have that in the game feeling and one that I will remember and talk about for years.

After you get used to being in the game the familiar face of Until Dawn has a chat with you and before you know it you've started on the ride of your life. Up, down and hurtling round tight corners blasting everything in sight, it's just brilliant. You have so much to do and different paths to take on each level. I can't say too much about the game itself as it would spoil some of the things you come across. Fans of Until Dawn will love it but everyone else will enjoy it for what it is. A thrill ride. The ultimate ghost train ride.

Rush of Blood is a must buy for PSVR. A showcase in fright mixed with high octane shooting thrills and the game that will amaze you if only to see your arms on screen doing things only possible in a game, a virtual reality game.


PlayStation VR Review. Reality Check!

I remember sitting in a black box in an arcade with a scope in front of my face while roaming about on a map in a tank made up of neon sticks blowing up other neon stick tanks. This game was Battlezone, the arcade was at Llandudno pier, I was 11 or so. Yes that's (cough) 35 years ago.....maybe? This was my first go at a VR type game.

2016. October 13th. PlayStation VR is here. I pre-ordered in March when it first went to press. Over the few months that passed I avoided going to any of the pre-shows of PSVR, why? I'm one of these that want that, "first time" in the quiet of my own surroundings. One thing I wish I'd not done and that was watch to many VR demos on YouTube. You see VR is totally different in reality. Many users have had issues with the image like myself, in fact it took me playing with the HTC Vive before I realised that the image is all part and parcel of the VR headset.

First and formost the headset itself is a design marvel. Putting it on for the first time feels tight and fragile. But after some tugging and stretching you'll find that it's very robust but most of all it feels almost weightless as the pressure is on the hard point of no feeling of your forehead. After a few minutes you'll forget it's on your head........Nearly. The Move controllers are a must have. Games that use them just wouldn't feel the same without them. I had no issues with them. They had sat in my draws for years but fired up after a quick charge.

My first trip into VR was the Shark cage. I'm into that sort of thing in real life so it was the thing I was always going to try first. Yes, I tried to kick the shark. From that point I was sold. I tried a few other games one after another for about two hours. Oh dear. Please take notice of what Sony tell you. Do VR in short bursts to start off with. You'll grow into it. I felt sick as a dog. No really. It was bad. Even the next day I felt a little strange. Now after shorter play times I'm much better.

I have my first AAA must have game and what I wanted from VR. It cost me £12.00 and I have to be honest, the best £12.00 I've paid on any form of interactive entertainment. This will be my first game review.

Sony have done a fantastic job in bringing VR to the masses and hats off to the developers for the first line up of games. Some are brilliant, some granted are not so but one things for sure VR is now here. After the lack luster launch of Vive and Rift Sony have done it right. PSVR has sold out everywhere and it has become the must have add-on this Christmas/Holiday. Will Sony carry on this support, will developers keep great games coming?

2017 will be a very important year for VR. But for now Sony has showed how VR should be done. The others really need to up there game.


Playstation VR Blurred Graphics problems. UPDATED 30/10/16

UPDATE: Expectation is a strange thing. Seeing many YouTube videos of VR games is not a great idea. Vr in reality is totally different to what you see on the TV. On paper an OLED 1080p screen sounds all nice and crisp but when in front of your eyes and massive you can understand why some people, like me, can be taken back with what they see. Once I got used to it though and a week or so later I'm now blown away.
Once I'd got used to the image I was hooked by what I was doing in this new games space. I've had two headsets and they are identical. I've also tried the HTC Vive now, imo the PSVR is overall much better.

Origonal Story:

Many Playstation VR users are reporting very blurred images with the new VR headset..........including me.

I was very excited to try VR for the first time only to be very disappointed by what I was seeing. (tried phone VR in the past) I tried the Shark game in the VR Worlds game only to be greeted by a very blurred shark cage and what looks like a shimmering mesh over the image that moves when you turn.

First off, it's not the covers that some users have on the eye glass when new, the cover was missing on mine curiously. It maybe that the HDR option is interfering with the unit so turn off if you have it on auto.
It could be a HDMI problem but it's looking more and more like a firmware problem. You are prompted to download an update when first turning on. One user reported his image was fine before updating on

One things for sure, this isn't right. IGN stated that the image people see on the TV isn't as crisp as what the person with the VR headset is viewing. This is opposite to what I'm getting. It's best decribed as sitting with a pair of the wifes tights on my head......not great.

All reviews are suspended until this issue is resolved.

Playstation VR is here, we have it.......any good?

Playstation VR is here. Over the next few days we'll be road testing the new kit to give you the pros and cons of Sony's new tech.

Playstation VR Star Wars Greatness awaits

If this doesn't sell Star Wars fans the idea of VR......Nothing will.
X-Wing will be a download for all those lucky Battlefront owners that take the plunge with PSVR this Friday. It's not clear if this will be out Friday or when the new movie comes out.

Skyrim and Fallout 4 to get Playstation Pro 4K support....

.......and Mods.
Did you really think Sony would let Microsoft get one over on them? For me it's the PS Pro support that gets the thumbs up over mods. I was excited to see Elder Scrolls Online getting the 4K treatment, but Skyrim and Fallout, yes please.

Skyrim will have mods from day one (28th October UK) and Pro Support where as Fallout will follow with an update.
Hats off to Bethesda.

Playstation VR is nearly here.

After a long break from the website I'm pleased to say that I'm back.

VR is going to shake up games and who knows, change the way we play and think about games.  VR is nothing new but is has had a very slow start on PC. But this is PlayStation. Over 40 million gamers are able to jump right in just needing the PS camera and VR headset to get started. Are you ready?

We can't wait. Reviews to follow.