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The Order 1886. A gamers review that paid for the game!

I remember watching Final Fantasy The Spirits Within all those years ago and I thought, "when will I be able to play games that look this good?" Well that time is now!   The Order 1886 is simply outstanding, a PS4 tour de force. From a technical standpoint you will stare at your screen looking at the full HD image on display thinking you can't move as it must be CGI still, push the left stick and your character moves, as the cloth physics kick in and lighting dances all over every nook and cranny on display, you have to double take. No matter what side of the gaming fence your on The Order will blow you away. One level is set at night with rain cascading down over glass windows, paved streets and any matter of surface, nothing is left out. Ready at Dawn have created a masterpiece in technical achievements from start to finish. I honestly never once encountered a glitch of any kind. The in-game transition from Lycon back to human is uncanny and nothing short of m