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The Order 1886:The Reviews are in.

Oh dear. Review scores are let loose on the internet and guess what? Yes the hate websites that I spoke about have turned out with the expected sub 6/10 reviews. While other sites like our good friends at TheSixthAxis give a respectable 7/10 stating that it mixes up the shooting like Uncharted with a stunning graphics palate to rival every Playstation 4 game to date. A good pointer. The Order has even had 95/100 by one site and 1/5 on another. This goes to show that now days most gamers take no notice of websites and review scores and in fact many gamers laugh and joke about the state of play with some reviewers and scores. How can a game get 1/5 like the Order and yet another well known terd of a game get 8/10 from the same site. Fanboyisem reflected in reviews? Politics eah! Like with most games I will play it and make my own mind up. A review will be posted at some point but we will take our time and not just try to grab the headlines by trying to 'stand out' with