The Order 1886: Opinion.

I don't know about you but I'm sick of reading about The Order 1886 and how it might suck.
Click time, game length, downgraded graphics, overpriced etc etc

FFS give it a rest, we don't care. Some corners of the internet are hell bent on this game failing, in fact some websites seem to be trying there best to make it fail.

Hate to disappoint but as much as you may try The Order will not fail.

Rip off price? I'll tell you what's a rip off, going to see a movie for 2 hours with your family.
Game length is a sticking point for many. Every time I read that some smart ass has done a game in 5-6 hours that translates into me taking 10-12. Am I crap at playing games? No.
I will more than likely play it again to root out those hard to get trophies as I do with many games.

Graphics are never up to a first look of a game. Most of the time they come close to "first showings" and on a rare occasion they surpass a first look. Bottom line is I'm so excited to play the Order and anyone who has paid £50 needs a head-test. Anyone who's anyone can find a code on the internet and pay under £40. I've paid £38.95 and once done I'll trade it maybe for what? £35 normally. So doing the maths it's cost me £3.85 to play the Order 1886.

So please..............shut the **** up!


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