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Big Shu confirms Playstation 4 Remote Play for PC/Mac

Sony have confirmed via Twitter that they are working on remote play for PC/Mac but no news on when it will be ready.

PlayStation 4 Price slashed 50 Euro from tomorrow.

Sony will slash the price of the PS4 from tomorrow according to a leaked pro-mo poster from the Paris Games Week. (picture on Twitter upload)
Will we see as much as £50 off the UK price?

Sony is dominating retail at the moment with PS2 style sales at the tills. In Europe and Japan the Xb-one is struggling to make any sort of big impact and PS4 taking over 85% of sales in some areas. NPD have just shown that PS4 took September in the sales race in the US, that's now 8 months of 2015 held by Sony.

This is a very smart move by Sony to ramp up sales even more. The next few months are vital for Microsoft with exclusive games but even they must see the 13 million or so lead as quite a mountain to climb with PS4 sales showing no sign of slowing down.

One of the best PlayStation TV Adverts in years!

This new PlayStation trailer made me tingle being a huge fan of the movies that Sony shows off. Without spoiling it for you.......just hit PLAY!

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Playstation 4 Review

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter PS4 review.

For anyone familiar with the title will know that it started life on PC and has found it's way onto the Playstation 4 in digital form only.
How has the game transferred over to the PS4? In short, brilliantly.
This late review is down to me moving home but time has done this game justice in that I have played it in depth giving it the time it deserves. The game is beautiful. From the very start you will look at the light cascading through the branches of trees and dancing off the surface of watery lakes and rivers. Two updates have been downloaded to improve the game.
The story is of course about Ethan Carter, that's as much as I can tell you. Saying any more will be considered a spoiler. On starting a play-through you will be dumped on a rail road track and off you go, no hints, no hand holding and at first this can be quit off putting but stay with it as before long you will be taken on a fantastic adventure solving puzzles and pie…

The power of Playstation. E3 2015.

E3 2015 2015 showcase.

Star Wars Battlefront Playstation 4 gameplay stuns


Ratchet and Clank PS4 looks like a playable Pixar Movie!

Take a look here. Spring 2016. This will be a long wait.

E3 2015:Call of Duty Black Ops 3 leaked for Ps Vita?

Looks like the Ps Vita will be getting another Call of Duty game.
The leaked rumour is a stand alone Zombie game, this makes perfect sense as a COD android game has been out for ages and is very good.
A rumoured price drop and a good Cod game is what the Vita needs, and Sony know it.

New Uncharted 4 shots show brilliant face tech!

Naughty Dog are no stranger to pushing hardware but these new shots of Drake are mind blowing. The developer says they use up to 500 bones whereas they used up to 100 in The Last Of Us.

Take a look.

2013 Infected Wars Launches on PS Vita in the US-UK and Europe to follow?

IOS Zombie shooter Infected Wars has launched on Vita Last month in the US and hopes are high on a UK/Europe version soon.
Developers have said they'd love to but sales of the game in the US may dictate if that is to happen. At only $4.99 I'd like to think that many US Vita owners will give it a try.

For gamers like myself that need inverted controls, or it's a game breaker will be pleased to here that the developers plan to update with inverted controls soon.

Star Wars Battlefront Screens

The force is strong with the first long awaited screens of the new Dice developed Star Wars Battlefront game.

Star Wars Battlefront Playstation 4 reveal trailer

Dice have let loose a reveal trailer of Battlefront running on Ps4.
The full lowdown is tomorrow but for now take a look and get very excited.

The Order 1886. A gamers review that paid for the game!

I remember watching Final Fantasy The Spirits Within all those years ago and I thought, "when will I be able to play games that look this good?"
Well that time is now!

The Order 1886 is simply outstanding, a PS4 tour de force. From a technical standpoint you will stare at your screen looking at the full HD image on display thinking you can't move as it must be CGI still, push the left stick and your character moves, as the cloth physics kick in and lighting dances all over every nook and cranny on display, you have to double take. No matter what side of the gaming fence your on The Order will blow you away. One level is set at night with rain cascading down over glass windows, paved streets and any matter of surface, nothing is left out. Ready at Dawn have created a masterpiece in technical achievements from start to finish. I honestly never once encountered a glitch of any kind. The in-game transition from Lycon back to human is uncanny and nothing short of movie-like.

The Order 1886:The Reviews are in.

Oh dear. Review scores are let loose on the internet and guess what? Yes the hate websites that I spoke about have turned out with the expected sub 6/10 reviews.
While other sites like our good friends at TheSixthAxis give a respectable 7/10 stating that it mixes up the shooting like Uncharted with a stunning graphics palate to rival every Playstation 4 game to date. A good pointer.

The Order has even had 95/100 by one site and 1/5 on another. This goes to show that now days most gamers take no notice of websites and review scores and in fact many gamers laugh and joke about the state of play with some reviewers and scores. How can a game get 1/5 like the Order and yet another well known terd of a game get 8/10 from the same site. Fanboyisem reflected in reviews? Politics eah!

Like with most games I will play it and make my own mind up. A review will be posted at some point but we will take our time and not just try to grab the headlines by trying to 'stand out' with a review…

The Order 1886: Opinion.

I don't know about you but I'm sick of reading about The Order 1886 and how it might suck.
Click time, game length, downgraded graphics, overpriced etc etc

FFS give it a rest, we don't care. Some corners of the internet are hell bent on this game failing, in fact some websites seem to be trying there best to make it fail.

Hate to disappoint but as much as you may try The Order will not fail.

Rip off price? I'll tell you what's a rip off, going to see a movie for 2 hours with your family.
Game length is a sticking point for many. Every time I read that some smart ass has done a game in 5-6 hours that translates into me taking 10-12. Am I crap at playing games? No.
I will more than likely play it again to root out those hard to get trophies as I do with many games.

Graphics are never up to a first look of a game. Most of the time they come close to "first showings" and on a rare occasion they surpass a first look. Bottom line is I'm so excited to play …

Playstation 4 Firmware Update problems!

Anyone updating the PS4 this morning seem to be having all sorts of problems.

Sony have posted via twitter that they are on to it but we must point out not everyone are having the said issues.

If you can wait we'd advise that you do. Firmware 2.04 is the latest version.

Leaked F1 2015 Playstation 4 screens stun!

Playstation 4 screens have leaked showing great promise. The developers have already nailed up to 55 FPS (frames per second) at full HD 1080p.

Take a look. (please note that the screens are "off screen")

Borderlands to loot and shoot on PS4 this March

Looting fans will be overjoyed to learn that the addictive co-op shooter Borderlands will be out in just two months time.

The game will be titled "Handsome" what else? and will contain Borderlands 2 and the Pre-sequel.
The games will get the "HD" treatment to take advantage of the new horse power.

Borderlands:The Handsome Collection launches 24th March and 27th March in the US and Europe.