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Free DriveClub dlc

Evolution Studios, the makers of DriveClub have apologised for the games troubled launch by making their premium November DLC free to PS4 fans who purchased the full game. The bundle of free content includes: The Ignition Expansion, Photo-Finish Tour, and two livery packs, adding a range of new cars, tour events, trophies, and livery items. "We know you have all been extremely patient and understandably frustrated during Driveclub’s launch, and to show our appreciation for the support during this challenging time, we will be offering the premium DLC packs for November," Evolution told fans. "These premium DLC packs – The Ignition Expansion Pack and Photo-Finish Tour Pack along with two livery packs – will give you a total of five new cars, 22 new tour events, 10 new trophies and 10 new livery items to play with online and offline."

Sony Eagle Action Cam Pro-mo

Take a look at the brilliant Sony Action Cam Eagle fly-by.