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Sony @ GamesCom 2014

Infamous First Light Coming August 27th , it looks fantastic The Order 1886 is looking like a promising shooter set in the past, coming February 20th 2015 Little Big Planet 3 is taking full advantage of the dualshocks touchpad coming 18th November Bloodbourne looks like it has some creepy monsters ! Socially connected experience at the heart of PS4 has resonated with everyone, 10 million units sold to consumers. Q Games have just announced a cute looking action adventure game that reminds me of Lemmings called "The Tomorrow Children". Next up from them is a horror game called "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter". "Vanishing"  is a stealth puzzle style game inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2 and coming to PS4 and Vita. "Hollowpoint" is a 4 player coop side scrolling style shooter. DayZ creator Dean Hall announces a PS4 version of DayZ is coming!  Heavenly Sword style game "Hell Blade&qu

New Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer