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Why Playstation 4 is out selling the XBone by a huge margin

Playstation 4 has now sold over 7 Million units, that's sold . It's hard to work out but some Internet claims are that the XBone has sold under 4 Million. Price has nothing to do with it as MS have slashed the price and include a free game to match the PS4 price and in fact with it including the camera it's arguably better value. Many UK retailers have gone further to slash the price as consoles were piling up. So why is it piling up on retail shelves? For me it's fast become the child in the corner that other kids poke fun at. From the rushed first showing to try and counter the calm, cool launching of the PS4 in February 2013 to the constant,"It looks better on PlayStation 4". The huge U-turn the doesn't need going over again. Fact is, Playstation 4 is fast becoming the console of this generation. Titanfall was the game that would do it for MS, no . The much hyped FPS couldn't boost sales even in it's home nation with the PS4 outselling it