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April Offers Knock Out Plus Content for Europe

April is a great month for Plus users in Europe, Mercenary Kings is the PS4 offerings whilst PS3 owners are in for a real treat with Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Sly is cross play so you can enjoy it on your Vita also. Speaking of the Vita, the Vita specific content is Hotline Miami and MotoGP13.

TimeSplitters 4 (Rewind) to be a "Playstation 4 Console Exclusive"

If you remember we reported on a story about TimeSplitters Rewind  last year. Now PS4 owners can really get excited as internet rumblings are pointing out that it's being described as a "Xbone killer" Sony Exclusive. Yeah I know, heard that before but it's a known fact that 1000's of gamers want another TimeSplitters and it looks like Sony know this. It's unclear if Sony have snapped up publishing rights for the game or weather they are funding the project. Time will tell. E3 2014? Or is it all rubbish? Any News we get we'll keep you posted. It is said that Splitters is " not the only exclusive card they have up there sleeves ".  Exciting stuff.

TimeSplitters Rewind Gameplay Incoming!

  Not long now for your first real look at the Re-vamped Splitters game coming to the Playstation 4. Michael Hubicka from the development team had this info to share about the game and the progress so far. Join the official forums here . Hey Everyone! Back in February, we announced that we were working on recording of some gameplay to show off. We are still planning on releasing a trailer as soon as possible. I do want to discuss some of the things that we have been cooking up in preparation for the trailer though! We have seen some major changes to the menus and HUD. We are slowly moving away from the default SDK interface and to our own custom one. We have even started implementing the menu music and sound effects for selecting the various options! We feel that when we first launch the game and show you TimeSplitters Rewind, it should give you that nostalgic rush starting from that point. The HUD has seen some major work done as well. When we get into the game