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Warframe Update 12 is now live on Playstation 4

Update 12 has gone live and it's a huge one. We have been playing tonight and DE have made some great updates to the game and overall look. Take a look at the main update on the official forums. NEW WARFRAME ZEPHYR - Specializing in air attacks and mobility, Zephyr dominates from above. Begin building her in the new Tenno Research Lab in your Dojo. See Zephyr in action here: NEW MISSION TYPE - Interception: Intercept interplanetary communication that is being beamed to four towers on the map. The more towers you capture and hold, the faster you can decode the message. Keep the enemy at bay or they'll decode the message for themselves. NEW WEAPONS - A number of new weapons are now available including the Phage Shotgun, Jat Kittag Jet Powered Polearm, Dual Cestra Sidearms and the Akstiletto Dual UZI. LEVEL EXPANSION - The Forest Tileset has returned and is now found in all “Earth” missions! MOD STACKING - Mods will now be organized in stacks in t

inFAMOUS Second Son US and PAL TV Spot

Sony have started gearing up for the second big retail Exclusive to hit PS4 since it's November launch. Second Son launches later this month on the 21st in the UK.   NEW UK TV Spot     Pal TV Spot      US TV Spot  

Playstation 4 steals nearly 50% of Thief sales.

Thief has stooped out of the shadows to grab the top slot in the UK charts. What's more the Playstation 4 version has taken nearly 50% of all sales. About 46% sold through on Sonys new console with PS3, 360, PC and XBOne scrapping it out for the remaining 54%. Thief had mixed reviews but having played for a few hours I'm finding it very good. I'd not played any Thief games before this one mind. Digital sales are not included.