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Warframe Platinum Giveaway starts this week. 6/12/2014

Our Exclusive Playstation 4 Warframe Platinum giveaway starts next Friday 6th February. The slight delay has been down to a small problem with PSN codes due to regions being locked to PSN stores. Like ourselves DE would like all our readers to be able to take part in the giveaway. We will have 10 packs of 370 platinum to giveaway. Part of the rules will be to join up to our forum so you can save time and do that now here .(best to use your PSN name) The second part is to post up your PSN name in the topic next Friday and name your Warframe of choice and anything else you'd like to say about Warframe. we will forward the best comments to DE and you never know, you may see some of your thoughts in the next game update. Until then, thanks for reading.

EGX Rezzed 2014 at the NEC

EGX Rezzed 2014 kicks off this March at the NEC Birmingham. 28th-30th March 2014. Everything Next Gen and PC will be on show including the New Alien game on Playstation 4. Take a look at the official site here to book tickets.

Vita Slim Coming to the UK

Last year we reported that the Vita slim would be coming to the UK and Sony has now confirmed it. It will arrive February 7th and cost around £180. Sony has also confirmed that this will now be the only Vita sold in the UK once stock of the older models run out.