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Outlast PS4 hits PSN on Feb 5th

  Set a date for the scare of your life as Outlast will creep onto Playstation 4 next month. What's more, it's free to Playstation Plus subs. What are you waiting for? Sign up now. Full list: 29th January: Metro Last Light  PS3 29th January: BioShock Infinite  PS3 29th January: Dynasty Warriors Next  Vita 29th January: ModNation Racers: Road Trip  Vita 5th February: Outlast PS4 Leaving Plus:   29th January: DmC Devil May Cry 29th January: Remember Me 29th January: Soul Sacrifice 29th January: Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend 29th January: GTA Liberty City Stories PSP 5th February: Don’t Starve 5th February: RESOGUN

Warframe PS4 Update brings new Warfame and Trophies.

Warframe has updated on PS4 to 11.5 bringing many fixes, Trophies and new weapons. A brand new Bull like Warframe charges in. The Official blog. Update 11.5: The Cicero Crisis is here! We've loaded the Solar System with a new Warframe, new weapons, new gameplay and more! Join your fellow Tenno in the Cicero Crisis Event now! The Forests of Earth have evolved. Centuries of manipulation by the Orokin have created breeds of super plants that grow tougher and faster than anything seen before. Until now the Grineer have been unable to conquer these unruly forests, but Councilor Vay Hek plans to use his Cicero Toxin to clear the land and make way for Grineer settlements. Visit Earth and sabotage the Grineer deforestation efforts! Read on to see what else is new in Update 11.5! NEW WARFRAME OBERON - Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy, Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold. NEW EARTH FOREST SET - Explore the unruly, overgrown F