PSN Taken down due to a attempted attack! UPDATED.

Update 2:
Despite a move onto Tor, PSN remains down. 22.01 pm UK time.


Lizard Squad posted this tweet:

Both the Playstation Network and Xbox live were subjected to an online attack and taken offline.

Some users have not been able, including myself to get online. I updated my Dad's new PS4 this morning so not all aspects of PSN are closed off.

Lizard Squad are meant to be behind the latest attack.

We'll keep you updated as and when things change.


  1. Sony don't help by having shit network security. You'd thing they would have learned their lessons after the PS3 was hacked. If they don't get their ass into gear they will end up loosing a lot of their customers.

  2. And what part of Xbox Live did you miss? Not only that, anyone is open to attacks.

  3. Strictly speaking this was not a hack but a ddos attack. It's simply flooding the servers until they crash and as far as I'm aware no security measures can prevent this from happening.

  4. As you said Karl. An Attack can be anything really.

  5. Sad mother fuckers! Why don't these scumbags get a life!


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