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The Swapper swaps release date!

Curve Digital has announced today that the PlayStation version of the award-winning puzzle game, The Swapper, will now be released on August 5th in North America and August 6th in Europe. The original planned release date for the game was June 24th.
The games release has been pushed back to allow developer of the PlayStation versions, Curve Studios, extra time to polish the Vita and PS3 versions of the game, which have required extra optimisation.
“The Swapper is our first indie title to really push the limits of the PlayStation 3 and Vita,” said Curve Digital Managing Director Jason Perkins. “We've been able to really throw the power of the PS4 at the game, but we also want to ensure that when the game comes out, it looks great and runs well at 30 FPS on hardware that, in the case of the PlayStation 3, is over seven years old.”
The Swapper will be available as a Cross-Buy title on all three PlayStation platforms at launch, and players will be able to preorder the game at a disco…

30 Minutes of MGS V Gameplay

Gameplay starts at 50 minutes !

No Man's Sky steals E3 2014 on PlayStation 4

Hello Games took to the stage during Sony's 2014 media briefing to show off No Man's Sky a PlayStation 4 console exclusive (timed).

What blew me away that what I was watching was made by just a handful of developers from Guildford in the UK. A home grown game that in all honesty has more innovation and exciting prospects than all the other games put together.

The developer said it's that vast that even they don't know how much stuff is out in the world that they have created. Exciting times.

In case you missed it here's the full lowdown on the game and website.


No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.


No Man's Sky has been in our heads for a very long time. In fact, it has its roots in Sean Murray's experiences growing up on a ranch in the Australian outback. It was the true middle of nowhere, where if something went wrong you were told to just stay where you were and light a …

New MGS 5 Trailer Shown at E3

GTA V Coming to PS4 in Glurious HD

Rainbow 6 Makes its Return

Uncharted 4 Stuns

Dead Island 2 Coming to PS4

EA Sports PGA Tour Trailer

Battlefield Hardline Exclusive Playstation 4 Beta is live.....Now!

In a shock end of show first look at Battlefield Hardline online gameplay at EAs press conference our very own Mr Playstation took to the stage to tell punters to get on PS4 and download the beta.

Just go to BF4 on your PS4 and move down to the Hardline beta. The stage demo was running on PS4.

So what? You're still here?

NHL 15 Gameplay Trailer

Criterion Games Announces a First Person Racing Game

FIFA 15 Gameplay Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Gameplay Footage

The Division New Gameplay Footage

May sales are in, PS4 dominates! Nearly 2 miilion copies of Watch Dogs sold on PS4!

On top of our report of the years console sales, things in the US, XBones home turf are starting to look very bleak with the PS4 sales tripling the flagging console in May.

To make things worse, the Wii U outsold it by nearly 100,000 units.

Playstation 4 sold a massive 577,092 while the Wii U sold 276,396, the XBone sold just 178.481. Near enough 400,000 difference.

Watch Dogs was the big winner with a massive 4 million copies sold over four consoles and PC in just one week. Ubisoft will have taken note that a massive 1.86 million were sold on PS4. Nearly half. No wonder the PS4 is fast becoming the console of choice for developers.

We predicted Sony would make known that over 8 million PS4 consoles have now been sold at the conference tomorrow at E3 but we now think it's more like 9 million plus?

Sony Playstation: The Return Of The King

No it's nothing to do with Elves or Hobbits, it's console sales.

On the eve of the biggest games show on earth Sony have returned to the top after an 8 year battle with playing catch up with PS3 hanging around their neck. Not a bad console but it has been playing catch up with its nearest rival after some bad moves left it late, a year late before hitting retail.

PS4 however has flown since launch. The console made by gamers for gamers. It sounds very cliche but true. Gamers have lapped it up shooting Sony back to the top.

Vita sales have picked up with a huge attach rate for games.

Sony's console sales have reached 18.7 million with Nintendo racking up 16.3 million. Microsoft trail behind with 11.6 all data taken from the financial year that has just ended.

Sony have claimed that they make a small profit from PS4 so I really think a price drop is needed if only small to keep up the heat.

I've no doubt that we are spilling the beans on these sales figures before E3 as…

Sonys biggest E3 secret?

Monday is arguably the biggest day in the gaming calendar.

E3 has for years been the maker or breaker in the gaming event that last year saw a very rare thing, Sony come out fighting in a way that many thought not possible as Microsoft stumbled about with mixed messages about their own new console.

Sony made it clear, Playstation 4 was for the players, the gamers, everyone. As gamers we loved it and lapped it all up. Gamers switched console as the PS4 smashed records and has continued with this momentum right up to today. They have done this with what is arguably not the best line-up of games. But what games are out are fantastic. Infamous being one of the standout games for me.

So what are we going to see? What shocks are in store?

Most of all, what secrets have Sony managed to keep hidden?  One of the biggest rumours that wont go away is that for the first time Rockstar with take to Sonys stage to announce GTA V for Playstation 4.

Will this come true? What have Microsoft thrown mon…

Official PlayStation games playable at E3 2014.

Sony have posted the list of playable games at this years E3. It's huge.

The list does NOT include any secret games, *cough* GTA 5, Uncharted PS4, Star Wars Battlefront, God of War PS4, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us 2 etc etc *cough* that maybe announced at the Sony press conference on Monday. (Tuesday morning at 2am UK time)

Who can forget 2013? Roars from the crowd to signal the first of many Microsoft U-turns right up until 6 months after launch the XBone has been chasing it's own tail trying to catch up with Sony. PlayStation needs to come out fighting again with a huge show with no let up. Sony are expected to claim over 8 Million sales of PS4 to date.

Here's the list.
Aaru's Awakening (Lumenox PS3) Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed (XSEED PS Vita) Apotheon (Alientrap PS4) Assault Android Cactus (Witchbeam Games PS4) Axiom Verge (Thomas Happ Games PS4) Big Fest (SCE / On The Metal Ltd. PS Vita) The Binding of Issac: Rebirth (Nicalis PS4) Chasm (…

War Thunder Proves PS4 and PC players can play nice!

War Thunders huge update is now live in the US and Europe.

Not only does the update include Tanks as part of the Ground Forces update but PS4 players can now join PC and Mac players all on one big server.

Cross-platform play is now live and you can choose what servers you prefer that best suites your connection.

PS4 and Vita Bundle Appears on Amazon France

Titled the ultimate player edition a bundle including a Vita and PS4 for 580 euros is listed on Amazon France for release on July 4th.

The price offers no discount over buying them separately so its likely the true price will be announced at E3.

Update: Rumour overload is that Sony are planning a PS4 price drop to counter the Kinect less XBone to ramp up pressure on the flagging Xbox sales.

Crytek Announce new 4 Player Co-Op Game - Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Crytek have announced Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age for PC and undisclosed consoles. The game is a pure 4 player co-op adventure set in the 1800's where players hunt down mythical creatures. The content generation system automatically generates new monsters and maps every time you play so you'll never repeat the same adventure.

They had this to say about the game:

"As the surprises come thick and fast, the terror of knowing that one of the game's grueling boss battles could be just around the corner will keep everyone's pulses pounding, defeating bosses will require close collaboration between hunters as they attempt to figure out and take down some truly terrifying monsters."

The Last Of Us Playstation 4 out Friday 13th June? Updated

Update;Tidux of Playstation4 leaks fame has tweeted that the last of us is done and when questioned when it will come out he replied, "June". So we are sticking with this story until after E3. Have game made a huge misstake or let slip a big secret? 

Unlucky for some?

Game tweeted today that the HD re-make was coming to PS4 during E3. They posted a very official trade-in deal form.

They have now climbed down and deleted the said tweets. Now eaither the UK's biggest retailer has got it very wrong, I doubt it, or Sony have wrapped Games knuckles.

We'll see soon enough on the 10th.

God Of War 4 Playstation 4 to hit E3

Sony Santa Monica has indicated it plans on lifting the lid on the next chapter in the multi-million selling God of War franchise at E3 next week.

Writing on its official Twitter page, the studio said, “The Gods have spoken once again, maybe they are just excited for #E3 #earthquake #LA."
Tune in for live updates from E3 as we get them.