Unreal Tournament for Playstation 4?

On Thursday the daddy of fast paced first person shooting is going to be making a well overdue comeback.

Epic VP Mark Rein tweeted that the shooter is making a comeback. Mark Rein said of the Playstation 4, "its a perfect gaming PC".

It's also no secret that Mark is a huge Playstation fan. We chatted to him way back when PS2 was shown at ECTS in London. He sat with one PS2 excitedly showing off the excellent game on the new console.

His love for his work has fixed firmly in my mind from that day.

Unreal enjoyed an exclusive time period on the PS3 with Unreal 3. That game was fast paced and great fun but had lost some of its groundbreaking fast gameplay due to larger maps. The Assault game mode was also missing and it what was my favourite mode.

SCE have registered "Guns Up!". This maybe nothing. But Mark has gone on record as saying, "so excited about Unreals comeback".

Could it be a FTP title?

Bookmark Thursday at 2pm ET.

Please be a PS4 Unreal.


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