Rezzed 2014:Alien Isolation 1080p greatness on Playstation4

Update:Sega have confirmed that the game will hit retail on October 7th 2014.

Alien no wait, this is a great looking Alien game. No really.

Anyone that loves the movies knows that what makes them great is the atmosphere. Not hoards of dumb aliens running at you from here there and everywhere.

I don't want to do the oldest trick in the book and say this but I have to, its like Outlast in a very nostalgic alien world. You even play as Ripley's daughter.

I wont spoil anything but fans of the movies will be made up with the nods towards the silver screen versions.

I looked at all versions of the game on show behind closed doors and even though the PC version was running on smaller screens it was the PS4 version on 40" screens that looked the best. The developers confirmed that the PS4 version ran at 1080p.

I jumped three times during the demo and was left wanting more. This has gone from interested to must have.

Don't turn out the lights.


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