Exclusive Playstation Online Warframe Platinum Giveaway.

It's here!

Playstation Online have teamed up with Digital Extremes to giveaway Platinum to help boost your Warframe experience.
Over the next 10 weeks we will be giving away 10 bundles of 370 Platinum.

Each week we will be asking a question about Warframe. The best answers or suggestions will be forwarded to the developers so you may see some of your ideas in the game. Next weeks question will be based on Trophies.

For the first draw it's simply to name your Warframe of choice. You can say why or just leave it as that. I will be joining in but not entered into the draw. :)

So to enter you have two steps.
Join our forum here. (your PSN code will be sent to you by pm on the forum)
Enter your PSN name in the comments section along with your Warframe of choice. (you can enter every week)

The winner will be drawn next Friday and you will get your Platinum via PSN code or added direct to your Warframe account. (tbc by developer)

Good luck Tenno.

Big thanks to Digital Extremes: Julie PR, Meridith and Megan (Official Forums).

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  1. PSN:Krisaim. Ember, she looks so hot. ;)

  2. PSN: MegaloSwag
    Warframe of choice: Nyx
    Explanation: I like Nyx because she has a form of crowd control no other frame can replicate. Her Chaos scales directly with enemy strength and does not deal damage directly to enemies. I often find that Chaos gives you and your teammates enough time to target the strongest enemies while they are distracted with their own confusion.

    Warframe: Nova, an AOE beast

  4. PSN: Undignify
    Warframe of Choice: Nyx with Loki a close second.
    Explanation: The reason I chose Nyx was due to how useful her abilities are in the game mode I play most, defense, as well as having an interesting design. I believe that Chaos is the best crowd control in the game. See the pods health going down? Chaos will stop it straight away thanks to its initial stun. Helpful in almost any situation such as reviving a team mate, soloing a mission or just watching your enemies kill each other. Best of all it scales.
    Another of her abilities, Absorb also scales as enemies increase in level. I recently found its great with the Penta as you get a short invincibility with it and can absorb the explosion damage.
    I also enjoy mind control as it allows me to heal me and my team mates when casting it on an ancient healer or let everyone gather up all the loot before the end of the last wave in a defense without worrying about the pods health.

  5. PSN: Darkcort

    Warframe: Nekros.

    I like Nekros because of crowd control in defense missions with Shadows of the Dead. And I just love the way he looks.

  6. PSN: xXThePurifierXx

    Warframe: ASH

  7. Psn: Mr_Assault_08


    He's just so fun!!

  8. Psn: Killahurtz1989

    warframe: frost

  9. PSN: moorezy09
    Warframe: Volt- just pure awesomeness

  10. PSN: Dougwesker
    Warframe: Nekros- I chose nekros because he hardly gets any love and is extremely understated he is amazing at defense because of his ability to make foes run in fear it also comes in handy as a revival tool when a fellow tenno is surrounded. Desecrate is the greatest of loot gathering abilities and is amazing for survival. He also is the coolest looking frame in my opinion

  11. PSN ThatTomGuy14

    Warframe Mag Prime.

  12. PSN: SecretproHD
    Warframe: Rhino, just because who doesn't like kicking the floor so hard it makes people float!

  13. PSN: DavidBallZ

    Warframe: Rhino

    Rhino is one of the best Warframes since he scales so well in both Solo and Co-op.