Outlast PS4 hits PSN on Feb 5th

Set a date for the scare of your life as Outlast will creep onto Playstation 4 next month. What's more, it's free to Playstation Plus subs. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

Full list:

29th January: Metro Last Light PS3
29th January: BioShock Infinite PS3
29th January: Dynasty Warriors Next Vita
29th January: ModNation Racers: Road Trip Vita
5th February: Outlast PS4

Leaving Plus:
29th January: DmC Devil May Cry
29th January: Remember Me
29th January: Soul Sacrifice
5th February: Don’t Starve
5th February: RESOGUN


  1. I love you sony <3 was going to buy outlast upon release and I always wanted to play bioshock infinite/metro

  2. My brother played this on the PC and said its very scary.

  3. I've heard nothing but good things on outlast and survival horror is my favorite genre plus project paper clip interests me

  4. Not heard of that. I'll look it up.

  5. It involves the mkultra experiments

  6. Been playing Outlast. Had to stop playing. Oooooooo. Must be my age.

  7. I'm loving outlast I just met the doctor