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Playstation4 5 Xbone 1

If this were football score it would be considered a thrashing. It's early days but the momentum of the PS4 is showing no signs of slowing down. 5-1 is the amount of sales of Sonys console to Xbone in the UK.

Sales must be helped by the constant resolution problems the Xbone is running into. Tomb Raider is the latest game to face the sub HD scrutiny.
The shit will really hit the fan soon as the next big game to face the problem is Watch Dogs. An insider has posted on twitter to look out for the soon to follow shitstorm.

Sony must be loving it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead 2 set for Playstation 4?

A sequel to Red Dead Redemption is in development and is likely to be announced for release this year, according to Baird Equity Research (via VG247).

The company believes a third entry in the Wild West franchise, along with a next-generation version of Gran Theft Auto V, are in the pipeline in order for Take-Two to facilitate revenue growth and earnings visibility.

Speaking in the 2014 Video Game Industry Predictions and Q4 Results Preview, Colin Sebastian commented: “Take Two continues to produce some of the highest-quality console and PC games, which we believe should transition well on next-gen platforms.”

“We expect product announcements over the next year such as extending GTA V to other platforms (e.g., PC, next-gen consoles), the next Red Dead, etc., to help improve revenue and earnings visibility. In addition, the company has significant potential to grow digital/online revenues, which should help improve gross margins and add visibility to growth.”

“We expect PC version of GTA …

PSO Exclusive Warframe Playstation 4 Platinum Giveaway.

Playstation Online have teamed up with Digital Extremes for an Exclusive Platinum giveaway.

We have secured 10 packs of Platinum that we'll be giving away to PSN members over the next ten weeks.

Bookmark us for further details this week.

Warframe Forums.

Outlast PS4 hits PSN on Feb 5th

Set a date for the scare of your life as Outlast will creep onto Playstation 4 next month. What's more, it's free to Playstation Plus subs. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

Full list:

29th January: Metro Last Light PS3
29th January: BioShock Infinite PS3
29th January: Dynasty Warriors Next Vita
29th January: ModNation Racers: Road Trip Vita
5th February: Outlast PS4

Leaving Plus: 29th January: DmC Devil May Cry 29th January: Remember Me 29th January: Soul Sacrifice 29th January: Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend 29th January: GTA Liberty City Stories PSP 5th February: Don’t Starve 5th February: RESOGUN

Warframe PS4 Update brings new Warfame and Trophies.

Warframe has updated on PS4 to 11.5 bringing many fixes, Trophies and new weapons. A brand new Bull like Warframe charges in.

The Official blog.

Update 11.5: The Cicero Crisis is here! We've loaded the Solar System with a new Warframe, new weapons, new gameplay and more!
Join your fellow Tenno in the Cicero Crisis Event now! The Forests of Earth have evolved. Centuries of manipulation by the Orokin have created breeds of super plants that grow tougher and faster than anything seen before. Until now the Grineer have been unable to conquer these unruly forests, but Councilor Vay Hek plans to use his Cicero Toxin to clear the land and make way for Grineer settlements. Visit Earth and sabotage the Grineer deforestation efforts!
Read on to see what else is new in Update 11.5!
NEW WARFRAME OBERON - Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy, Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold.
NEW EARTH FOREST SET - Explore the unruly, overgrown Forests of Earth.
... an…

Warframe Playstation 4 Trophy list.

Happy Hunting.

B = Bronze | S = Silver | G = Gold
Brawler Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Gauntlets or Hand-to-Hand weapon. 
Dagger Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Dagger or Dual Daggers weapon. 
Heavy Weapon Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Heavy Axe, Heavy Hammer, or Heavy Sword weapon. 
Pole Weapon Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Scythe, Pole-arm or Staff weapon. 
Shuriken Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Boomerang, Throwing Discs or Throwing Daggers weapon. 
Pistol Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Pistol or Akimbo Pistols weapon. 
Rifle Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Rifle or Machine Gun weapon. 
Bow Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Bow weapon. 
Shotgun Proficiency: B
Reach Rank 30 with any Shotgun weapon.

Our Tools Shape Us: B
Apply 4 different Mods to a single weapon or Warframe. 
No Longer a Rookie: B
Reach Rank 2 with any Warframe. 
Special Agent: B
Solve 10 Ciphers. 
It Keeps Getting Better: G
Play for 10 hours. 
Angel of Death: B
Get 100 kills …

PSN Games Licence issue fix.

It has come to our attention that some PS4 uses can't start PS4 PSN games downloaded from the store. Our forum member Doddy884 had this problem and thankfully found a fix. (thanks Doddy)

If you get this message when trying to start a game:

"Your ps4 is not connected to the internet cannot verify the licence"

You firstly need to restart your router then your PS4. Go to settings> PSN>restore licenses.

The games that were effected were Warframe and Resogun.

Warframe Review. Playstation 4's best launch game. Updated.

Update: 5/01/2014. The developers would like to point out that Warframe is in its beta stage on PS4. They have let us know updates will be regular and trophies will come in a future update. Trophies will soon see the servers swell.


When the 29th of November came round I was like an excited child at Christmas, that goes without saying. I purchased Killzone, Call of Duty, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed and Need for Speed.
New to Playstation was the much touted free-to-play games that were no stranger to PC gamers. Warframe was one of them. Having played Dark Sector on PS3, Warframe was one of the games I was really looking forward to, in fact, Warframe and War Thunder a WW2 flying combat game, were the first things I headed over to the PlayStation store for.

Warframe is a 3rd person shooter and is made from the ground up for co-operative play. You start off with a sidearm, melee weapon and your main weapon, a rifle/machine gun.

The main idea of the game is to upgrade your War…