Shake it baby! Come get some on Vita's January Plus Update!

Duke Nukem was shown, what seems like an age ago on Twitter via a screen showing the 3D Megaton edition. Since then Duke has been missing in action. The game showed up a month or so ago and a few downloaded it at a cost, those people will now feel a little bit silly as Duke will grace the Vita next week as the January update. It was pulled from sale. It's now clear that the developer must have arranged a last minute deal with Sony to go Plus.

The full list includes Infamous First Light for PS4. Not to shabby at all.

PS4: Infamous First Light
         The Swapper

PS3:  Prototype 2
          Duck Tales Remastered

PS Vita:  Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton edition
                Whoa Dave



It's down again for some:

PSN is now back online, enjoy your Christmas games!

PSN Taken down due to a attempted attack! UPDATED.

Update 2:
Despite a move onto Tor, PSN remains down. 22.01 pm UK time.


Lizard Squad posted this tweet:

Both the Playstation Network and Xbox live were subjected to an online attack and taken offline.

Some users have not been able, including myself to get online. I updated my Dad's new PS4 this morning so not all aspects of PSN are closed off.

Lizard Squad are meant to be behind the latest attack.

We'll keep you updated as and when things change.

A Notice To Developers: Please return to World War 2!

World War 2 is done a young forumer cries. Lets have a modern shooter!

Here we are years later bogged down with shooter after shooter with twitch shooting first person shooters.

No offence but as an older gamer I'm just about sick of them. The new Call of Duty is about as engaging as your morning alarm call. It's time to return to WW2. I'm not talking every game, just mix it up.

For me, Brothers in Arms Road To Hill 30 and Earned in Blood were two of the best WW2 games ever made. Please consider even a HD remake on Next Gen hardware. Fans are crying out for the next game that was promised and hinted at after Hells Highway. NOT the car crash Furious Four that has been brushed under the carpet but a trip to the Ardennes.

A Normandy beach landing with todays hardware would be fantastic, even a COD 2 rehash would be enough of a boost to distract from all the modern trash.

So please take note developers that follow us, it's not just me, 1000's feel the same!

Street Fighter Goes Playstation 4 Console Exclusive

A short teaser has leaked with the end flashing up stating that PS4 has the game exclusively on console.

All eyes on the PSE this weekend.

Sony Playstation Experience Time Schedule

Saturday, December 6th

10:00am PlayStation Experience keynote

11:30am Dying Light live gameplay

12:00pm Destiny: The Dark Below gameplay

12:30pm Virtual Reality: A New Era for Games (live panel)

1:30pm The Tomorrow Children live gameplay

2:00pm God of War: Retrospective (live panel excerpt)

2:30pm World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)

3:00pm No Man's Sky gameplay and discussion

3:300pm The Journey of Diablo III on PS4 (live panel excerpt)

4:00pm Tearaway Unfolded PS4 live gameplay

4:30pm LittleBigPlanet 3 Community Creations

5:00pm Inside the Dev Studio (live panel)

6:00pm Hohokum Live Music Jam - Featuring Ghostly International DJ's Shigeto & Michna

9:00pm A Night Under No Man's Sky

Sunday, December 7th

10:30am Opening welcome and recap with special guests

11:00am The Witness live gameplay

11:30am Grim Fandango Remastered live gameplay

12:00pm The Tomorrow Children live gameplay

12:30pm Prototype to Product (live panel excerpt)

1:00pm Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris live gameplay

1:30pm World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)

2:00pm Far Cry 4: From the Developer's Mind to the Gamer (live panel excerpt)

2:30pm Amplitude live gameplay

3:00pm Tearaway: How Media Molecule Built a Living Papery World

4:00pm Secret Mystery Game live gameplay

4:30pm Axiom Verge live gameplay

5:00pm Story Time (live panel)

Could the huge Exclusive be Half Life 3? We can dream.

Free DriveClub dlc

Evolution Studios, the makers of DriveClub have apologised for the games troubled launch by making their premium November DLC free to PS4 fans who purchased the full game.

The bundle of free content includes: The Ignition Expansion, Photo-Finish Tour, and two livery packs, adding a range of new cars, tour events, trophies, and livery items.

"We know you have all been extremely patient and understandably frustrated during Driveclub’s launch, and to show our appreciation for the support during this challenging time, we will be offering the premium DLC packs for November," Evolution told fans.

"These premium DLC packs – The Ignition Expansion Pack and Photo-Finish Tour Pack along with two livery packs – will give you a total of five new cars, 22 new tour events, 10 new trophies and 10 new livery items to play with online and offline."

Sony Eagle Action Cam Pro-mo

Take a look at the brilliant Sony Action Cam Eagle fly-by.

Brilliant Sony TV Spot for 4K TV's

Sony have put together a TV spot for its latest 4K TV's using no visual effects. It shows bubbles freezing in mid air and on the ground.

It's shot in 4k.

Serious gamers need to rig there PS4 up to one of these TV's, they really are stunning.

Share Play in PS4 Firmware 2.0 this week.

Share Play is just part of the exciting 2.0 update coming to PS4 on Tuesday 28th October.

Here's how it works.

Viva Espana! Playstation 4 thrashing Xbox One.

Ign Spain has reported that the Playstation 4 has outsold the Xone at a ratio of 7-1 since launch.

Now that's a big hill to climb.

Xperia Z3 remote play hands on. MUST see!

Take a look at this hands on play-test of remote play on the new Xperia Z3 smartphone and Z3 compact tablet.

PS4 remote play for Xperia Z3 this month!

Already available on PS Vita, Sony have confirmed that Remote play will be ready for your new Z3 smartphone on October 23rd.

This is fantastic news and if I'm honest I'm shocked that they have this ready early. This shows how seriously Sony are taking remote play for PS4 and this has to be another huge plus for gamers when choosing what console to go for this holiday period.

It's worth pointing out that unlike Vita, you can connect your Z3 to your DS4 PS4 controller. No word on a Vita update yet.

Keep up the pressure Sony.

PlayStation 4 sales still smashing Xbox One!

Microsoft must be wondering what the hell they have to do to stop the PS4 running away with sales as PS4 nears 11 Million.

Figures due out are going to show the PlayStation 4 is nearing a sales ratio of 3-1 consoles worldwide at the moment. The Xone has failed to excite in Japan with just 31,000 sold in a month since launch.

A price drop has failed to gain any sort of traction with a small spike and now a second price drop in the UK has also failed to generate any sort of momentum. (some reports showed a spike in UK sales but failed to point out a 300% spike in PS4 sales in the same time period)

If you look at game sales you can see that gamers are flocking to PS4 with Destiny being the latest game to draw the numbers. PS4 sales near 3 Million worldwide sales while on Xone they are just over the 1.5 Million. other big hitters like Watchdogs also saw the same trend. Over 1.4 Million The Last Of Us sales have surely been largely made buy Xbox 360 owners defecting to PS4?

Resolution problems are still dogging the new Xbox despite dropping Kinect to try and gain more power. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor being the latest game with Eurogamers PS4 V's Xone showing Sony's console yet again coming out on top.

Pro Evo 2015 will be full HD on Sony's console while sub HD on Xone. With some developers sighting that, "Our game could only be done on the PS4", so early into a consoles lifespan maybe it should be back to the drawing board?

So what goes? Another price drop or the hope that the big games will shift consoles, problem is, will Sunset sell consoles? I doubt it very much. 
Yes it's not the only game but you have to look at what's coming out over the next few months on PS4 that will surely widen the sales gulf that now stands at 10,988,123 to 5,502,104. 

If Sony drop the PS4 price.............................

Nathan Drake Next Gen PS4 shot

A screen grab has been posted of Mr Drake from Uncharted 4, his poster simply saying, "Nathan Drake looking next gen as f**k!"

What do you think?

Playstation Vita 2

Whatever Sony are trying to make out in the media the facts speak for themselves, the Vita is history.

Why and how have Sony let what is arguably the best hand-held games console ever made slip away?
I feel that Sony needed to take a big loss on the Vita and get it out to the masses from day one. I was always going to get one on launch, in fact I imported one. I love anything new and being a fan of the PSP I upgraded but I'm one of the 10% of PSP owners that have done so, so what's gone wrong?

Vita is now for many a hand-held interactive toy for PS4, with the odd great indy game now and then.
Remote play has come big for Sony and seeing this trend build, the new Z3 smartphone and Z3 tablet will be fully remote play ready to play PS4 games on and no doubt Playstation Now. Great.

So where does this leave Vita? Sony need to come out with Vita 2 or go the way of Nvidia with the new Shield Tablet, or maybe the new Z3 tablet is the tester to see how the concept falls into place?

This brings me to the main point of this post. Vita 2.

I have just bought the Nvidia Shield, not the new one, the old controller with built on screen version. Nvidia must be wondering why this great machine has in all intents and purposes flopped. I certainly am but Sony can learn a great deal from Shield.

Vita 2 needs Android. Fact. Hell if they can update Vita with Android then just do it NOW! I wont hold my breath, I'm still waiting for Netflix in the UK.

Booting up Shield is like booting up a new Android phone or tablet so yes, Netfilx, G-mail, TVCatchup, Playstation App, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, IPlayer, ITVPlayer etc etc you get the picture.

What's more you can just jump in and download all your bought content. Now I'm a gamer so I don't mean all the tosh crap that you see people playing on the bus, candy crush anyone? real games.

GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Max Payne, Sonic, Half Life 2, Arma, Nova 3, MC5, GTA3 etc all games that I have bought in the past ranging from 63p to Half Life 2 at £5.99. Get that, £5.99 is the most I've paid for a game.

You may think old games that you've played before. Yes true but Vice City is in my opinion the best open world game I've ever played, Half Life 2 the best FPS ever made? probably.

I bought most of these games to play on my tablet or phone but propping up my gadgets to play is not great, on Shield it's brilliant. Sony seem to have sorted this problem with the Z3 tablet with the Dual Shock 4 holder that looks like a sat-nav window suction pad that holds your tablet in place. Is this where Sony will head?

Vita 2 needs to happen, we need our games in handheld form but it's hard to tell where Sony will go with this.

It needs Remote Play, Android, Twin Sticks and a 6 or 8 inch screen with 32gb internal storage with a normal SD Micro slot to boost up to 128gb. It needs to play PS1, 2 and 3 games out of the box as well as PSP/Vita games.

I'm sure Sony won't give up on handheld gaming but they need to act quick and forget about hacking with over the top memory card prices and get the Vita 2 in homes everywhere.

RIP Playstation Vita long live Vita 2!

Sony @ GamesCom 2014

Infamous First Light Coming August 27th, it looks fantastic

The Order 1886 is looking like a promising shooter set in the past, coming February 20th 2015

Little Big Planet 3 is taking full advantage of the dualshocks touchpad coming 18th November

Bloodbourne looks like it has some creepy monsters !

Socially connected experience at the heart of PS4 has resonated with everyone, 10 million units sold to consumers.

Q Games have just announced a cute looking action adventure game that reminds me of Lemmings called "The Tomorrow Children".

Next up from them is a horror game called "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter".

"Vanishing" is a stealth puzzle style game inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2 and coming to PS4 and Vita.

"Hollowpoint" is a 4 player coop side scrolling style shooter.

DayZ creator Dean Hall announces a PS4 version of DayZ is coming! 

Heavenly Sword style game "Hell Blade" has just been shown.

Animated, Cell Shaded title "Rime" is a refreshing adventure game.

The indie title section concludes with a montage of indie games coming soon and they all look amazing.

Destiny is hitting the PS4 in 4 weeks with timed exclusive content.
  • We played the Alpha and Beta First. 
  • Destiny has become the most preordered new IP in history with PS4 leading the charge.
  • World Premier of the multiplayer trailer.
  • Exodus Blue a multiplayer map coming to PS4 first
  • 2 expansions introducing new co op and vs modes are coming first one is coming in December.

Far Cry 4
  • Lots of Elephants.
  • Climb to the top of the Himalayas. 
  • Friends can try open world Co-op with you for up to two hours for free, ONLY ON Playstation.    

Kojima takes the stage to talk about MGS 5 to talk about free infiltration.
  • You use the classic cardboard box to sneak around and trick enemies with changeable graphics.

P.T. looks like a promising horror game.

Firmware 2.0
  • Friend finder search
  • Friend recommendations
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Share Play - invite your friends to play a game with you without them owning OR downloading the game.
  • Playstation Now is coming to Europe in 2015
  • Playstation TV coming to Europe for 100 Euro

Until Dawn is another fantastic looking horror game coming 2015.

Drive Club lets you share rewards with friends, they unlock cars and you get them too.
  • The app lets you keep a track on progress and watch live streams of your friends.
  • Dynamic weather looks fantastic.
  • Coming October 8th 2014

"Tear Away Unfolded" is coming to the PS4 in 2015

"Wild" is a strange looking open world game that will become as Europe eventually

New Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer

Resident Evil HD Coming to PS4

Capcom are bringing the original Resident Evil game to the PS4 in 2015. Watch the video below and if you don't speak Japanese turn on the captions using the button in the lower right.

Monster Hunter HD now please Capcom ?

PS+ Content for August in Europe

  • Road Not Taken
  • FEZ

  • Crysis 3
  • Proteus
  •  Metrico
  •  LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7

Dragon Age Inquisition Combat Preview

PS4 System Update 1.75 Hits Consoles

The latest PS4 update v1.75 has landed adding new features and improving numerous things.

  • Playback of Blu-ray 3D™ is now supported.
  • Sound quality has been improved during 1.5x playback with Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD videos.
  • System messages previously displayed on the top-right corner of the screen are now displayed on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • [Featured Content] has been added to (Settings) > [System] > [Automatic Downloads and Uploads].
    • When this setting is enabled, featured content from the PlayStation®Store is automatically downloaded while the PS4™ system is either powered on or in standby mode.
    • To download while in standby mode, go to (Settings) > [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Standby Mode], and then turn on [Connect to the Internet].

Titan Attacks Review

Titan Attacks is a fun little game by a British Indie developer that’s perfect for quick blasts on the go.

The gameplay will remind you of Space Invaders, you control a tank which can move left and right along the bottom of the screen and above you are attacking aliens who move left and right slowly progressing down the screen towards you, firing shots while they move.

The idea is simple; destroy them all by firing your tanks weapon before they destroy you. This simple idea leads to some addictive gameplay as you rack up points and earn money to buy upgrades and supplies. As you complete each stage without taking a hit you also earn a multiplier, which keeps increasing with each stage you clear until you take damage, which resets the multiplier.

Destroying the attacking aliens involves some precise timing as you need to ensure your bullet hits them as they move and you also need to keep an eye there bullets coming towards you so you can move out of the way.

During the levels ships which drop bonus points and supplies will fly across the top of the map and you need to prioritise shooting them so you can claim there rewards.

At the end of each stage you can spend the money you’ve earned on more shields, a more powerful gun or new weapons that give you the edge in the next battle.

The graphics are simple and colourful and the background changes as you progress through the stages. The soundtrack keeps you focused with its retro style beats.

There’s a leaderboard where you can compare your scores against the world and your friends to see how you stack up.

Overall this game is great fun and really addictive and for £7.99 you get the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions so there’s really no reason not to try it.

New NHL 15 Trailer Shows off Next Gen Physics

The Last of Us HD Screenshots Appear

The screenshots appear to have been sent to a Japanese print magazine and were then leaked online.

Naughty Dog confirmed there authenticity:

"I think those screens were from the batch we sent for a print only feature in Japan. They may have been accidentally distributed. We'll see what happened, but regardless enjoy!"

The Swapper swaps release date!

Curve Digital has announced today that the PlayStation version of the award-winning puzzle game, The Swapper, will now be released on August 5th in North America and August 6th in Europe. The original planned release date for the game was June 24th.

The games release has been pushed back to allow developer of the PlayStation versions, Curve Studios, extra time to polish the Vita and PS3 versions of the game, which have required extra optimisation.

“The Swapper is our first indie title to really push the limits of the PlayStation 3 and Vita,” said Curve Digital Managing Director Jason Perkins. “We've been able to really throw the power of the PS4 at the game, but we also want to ensure that when the game comes out, it looks great and runs well at 30 FPS on hardware that, in the case of the PlayStation 3, is over seven years old.”

The Swapper will be available as a Cross-Buy title on all three PlayStation platforms at launch, and players will be able to preorder the game at a discount from early July.

30 Minutes of MGS V Gameplay

Gameplay starts at 50 minutes !

No Man's Sky steals E3 2014 on PlayStation 4

Hello Games took to the stage during Sony's 2014 media briefing to show off No Man's Sky a PlayStation 4 console exclusive (timed).

What blew me away that what I was watching was made by just a handful of developers from Guildford in the UK. A home grown game that in all honesty has more innovation and exciting prospects than all the other games put together.

The developer said it's that vast that even they don't know how much stuff is out in the world that they have created. Exciting times.

In case you missed it here's the full lowdown on the game and website.


No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.


No Man's Sky has been in our heads for a very long time. In fact, it has its roots in Sean Murray's experiences growing up on a ranch in the Australian outback. It was the true middle of nowhere, where if something went wrong you were told to just stay where you were and light a fire at an exact time every day, and hope that someone would find you.

The night sky was filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen, and we've all thought that this is exactly where videogames would go, videogames that contained the whole universe, and you’d be able to visit it all. No Man's Sky takes that jump - it's the game we've always wanted to make.

  • A TRULY OPEN UNIVERSE If you can see it, you can go there. You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit.
  • EXPLORATION IS SEEING THINGS THAT NO-ONE ELSE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE Every creature, geological formation, plant and spaceship is unique.
  • SURVIVE ON A DANGEROUS FRONTIER You are alone and vulnerable, and will face threat everywhere, from deep space to thick forests, barren deserts to dark oceans.
  • BUILD FOR AN EPIC JOURNEY Collect precious materials and trade them for better spacecraft and upgrades for your suit and equipment.
  • PARALLEL UNIVERSES Choose to share your discoveries with other players, or not. You will never see another player, but you could make your mark on their worlds as well as your own.
Visit Website

May sales are in, PS4 dominates! Nearly 2 miilion copies of Watch Dogs sold on PS4!

On top of our report of the years console sales, things in the US, XBones home turf are starting to look very bleak with the PS4 sales tripling the flagging console in May.

To make things worse, the Wii U outsold it by nearly 100,000 units.

Playstation 4 sold a massive 577,092 while the Wii U sold 276,396, the XBone sold just 178.481. Near enough 400,000 difference.

Watch Dogs was the big winner with a massive 4 million copies sold over four consoles and PC in just one week. Ubisoft will have taken note that a massive 1.86 million were sold on PS4. Nearly half. No wonder the PS4 is fast becoming the console of choice for developers.

We predicted Sony would make known that over 8 million PS4 consoles have now been sold at the conference tomorrow at E3 but we now think it's more like 9 million plus?

Sony Playstation: The Return Of The King

No it's nothing to do with Elves or Hobbits, it's console sales.

On the eve of the biggest games show on earth Sony have returned to the top after an 8 year battle with playing catch up with PS3 hanging around their neck. Not a bad console but it has been playing catch up with its nearest rival after some bad moves left it late, a year late before hitting retail.

PS4 however has flown since launch. The console made by gamers for gamers. It sounds very cliche but true. Gamers have lapped it up shooting Sony back to the top.

Vita sales have picked up with a huge attach rate for games.

Sony's console sales have reached 18.7 million with Nintendo racking up 16.3 million. Microsoft trail behind with 11.6 all data taken from the financial year that has just ended.

Sony have claimed that they make a small profit from PS4 so I really think a price drop is needed if only small to keep up the heat.

I've no doubt that we are spilling the beans on these sales figures before E3 as we know Sony love numbers but hey, I'm sure they won't mind.

Well done Sony.

Sonys biggest E3 secret?

Monday is arguably the biggest day in the gaming calendar.

E3 has for years been the maker or breaker in the gaming event that last year saw a very rare thing, Sony come out fighting in a way that many thought not possible as Microsoft stumbled about with mixed messages about their own new console.

Sony made it clear, Playstation 4 was for the players, the gamers, everyone. As gamers we loved it and lapped it all up. Gamers switched console as the PS4 smashed records and has continued with this momentum right up to today. They have done this with what is arguably not the best line-up of games. But what games are out are fantastic. Infamous being one of the standout games for me.

So what are we going to see? What shocks are in store?

Most of all, what secrets have Sony managed to keep hidden?  One of the biggest rumours that wont go away is that for the first time Rockstar with take to Sonys stage to announce GTA V for Playstation 4.

Will this come true? What have Microsoft thrown money at to try and get much needed support back to its flagging console? Sound off in the comments below.

Official PlayStation games playable at E3 2014.

Sony have posted the list of playable games at this years E3. It's huge.

The list does NOT include any secret games, *cough* GTA 5, Uncharted PS4, Star Wars Battlefront, God of War PS4, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us 2 etc etc *cough* that maybe announced at the Sony press conference on Monday. (Tuesday morning at 2am UK time)

Who can forget 2013? Roars from the crowd to signal the first of many Microsoft U-turns right up until 6 months after launch the XBone has been chasing it's own tail trying to catch up with Sony. PlayStation needs to come out fighting again with a huge show with no let up. Sony are expected to claim over 8 Million sales of PS4 to date.

Here's the list.
  • Aaru's Awakening (Lumenox PS3)
  • Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed (XSEED PS Vita)
  • Apotheon (Alientrap PS4)
  • Assault Android Cactus (Witchbeam Games PS4)
  • Axiom Verge (Thomas Happ Games PS4)
  • Big Fest (SCE / On The Metal Ltd. PS Vita)
  • The Binding of Issac: Rebirth (Nicalis PS4)
  • Chasm (Discord Games PS4)
  • CounterSpy (SCE / Dynamighty PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
  • Danganronpa 2 (NIS America PS Vita)
  • Destiny (Activision / Bungie PS4)
  • Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil Edition (Activision Blizzard PS4)
  • Disgaea 4 (NIS America PS Vita)
  • Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes (Disney Interactive PS4)
  • DRIVECLUB (SCE / Evolution Studios PS4)
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (Bandai Namco Games PS3)
  • EarthNight (Cleaversoft PS4)
  • Freedom Wars (SCE/SCE Japan Studios SHIFT and Dimps PS Vita)
  • GALAK-Z: The Dimensional (17-BIT PS4)
  • Gravity Crash Ultra (Just Add Water PS Vita)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd (Aksys Games PS4)
  • Gunship X (Hidden Elephant PS Vita)
  • Helldivers (SCE / Arrowhead Game Studios PS4/PS3)
  • Hohokum (SCE / Honeyslug PS4/PS3)
  • Home (Benjamin Rivers Inc. PS Vita)
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Devolver PS Vita)
  • Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine PS Vita)
  • Invizimals: The Alliance (SCE / Novarama PS Vita)
  • Jamestown Plus (Final Form Games PS4)
  • Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept (SCE / Guerrilla Games PS4)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (Square Enix PS3)
  • Legend of Raven (Nicalis PS Vita)
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Warner Bros PS4)
  • MechRunner (Spark Plug Games PS Vita)
  • Metrico (Digital Dreams PS Vita)
  • MLB 14 The Show (SCE / San Diego Studio PS4, PS Vita)
  • Murasaki Baby (SCE / Ovosonico PS Vita)
  • N++ (Metanet Software PS4)
  • Nidhogg (Messhof PS4)
  • Night in the Woods (Finji Games PS4)
  • Nuclear Throne (Vlambeer PS4)
  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc PS4)
  • One Way Trip (Beret Applications PS Vita)
  • Persona 4: Arena Ultimax (Atlus Games PS3)
  • PS Vita Pets (Spiral House PS Vita)
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (Double 11 PS Vita)
  • Planetside 2 (SOE PS4)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (EA PS4)
  • Project CARS (Slightly Mad PS4)
  • Race the Sun (Flippfly PS Vita)
  • Road Not Taken (Spry Fox PS4)
  • Rogue Legacy (Cellar Door PS Vita)
  • Samurai Warriors 4 (Tecmo-Koei PS4)
  • Secret Ponchos (Switchblade Monkeys PS4)
  • Shadow Warrior (Devolver Digital PS4)
  • Source (Fenixfire PS4)
  • Starwhal: Just the Tip (Breakfall PS3)
  • Super Exploding Zoo (Honeyslug PS Vita)
  • Switch Galaxy Ultra (Atomicon PS Vita)
  • Tales of Xillia 2 (Bandai Namco Games PS3)
  • Teslagrad (Rain Games PS3)
  • The Crew (Ubisoft PS4)
  • The Golf Club (HB Studios PS4)
  • The Order: 1886 SCE / Ready At Dawn PS4
  • The Swapper (Curve Studios PS3)
  • To Leave (Freaky Creations PS Vita)
  • EA Sports UFC (EA Sports PS4)
  • Valiant Hearts (Ubisoft PS4)
  • Velocity 2X (FuturLab PS4)
  • Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead Table (Pack Zen Studios PS3)
*cough* Well we can hope can't we?

War Thunder Proves PS4 and PC players can play nice!

War Thunders huge update is now live in the US and Europe.

Not only does the update include Tanks as part of the Ground Forces update but PS4 players can now join PC and Mac players all on one big server.

Cross-platform play is now live and you can choose what servers you prefer that best suites your connection.

PS4 and Vita Bundle Appears on Amazon France

Titled the ultimate player edition a bundle including a Vita and PS4 for 580 euros is listed on Amazon France for release on July 4th.

The price offers no discount over buying them separately so its likely the true price will be announced at E3.

Update: Rumour overload is that Sony are planning a PS4 price drop to counter the Kinect less XBone to ramp up pressure on the flagging Xbox sales.

Crytek Announce new 4 Player Co-Op Game - Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Crytek have announced Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age for PC and undisclosed consoles. The game is a pure 4 player co-op adventure set in the 1800's where players hunt down mythical creatures. The content generation system automatically generates new monsters and maps every time you play so you'll never repeat the same adventure.

They had this to say about the game:

"As the surprises come thick and fast, the terror of knowing that one of the game's grueling boss battles could be just around the corner will keep everyone's pulses pounding, defeating bosses will require close collaboration between hunters as they attempt to figure out and take down some truly terrifying monsters."

The Last Of Us Playstation 4 out Friday 13th June? Updated

Update;Tidux of Playstation4 leaks fame has tweeted that the last of us is done and when questioned when it will come out he replied, "June".
So we are sticking with this story until after E3. Have game made a huge misstake or let slip a big secret? 

Unlucky for some?

Game tweeted today that the HD re-make was coming to PS4 during E3. They posted a very official trade-in deal form.

They have now climbed down and deleted the said tweets. Now eaither the UK's biggest retailer has got it very wrong, I doubt it, or Sony have wrapped Games knuckles.

We'll see soon enough on the 10th.

God Of War 4 Playstation 4 to hit E3

Sony Santa Monica has indicated it plans on lifting the lid on the next chapter in the multi-million selling God of War franchise at E3 next week.

Writing on its official Twitter page, the studio said, “The Gods have spoken once again, maybe they are just excited for #E3 #earthquake #LA."

Tune in for live updates from E3 as we get them.

War Thunder Playstation 4 gets Ground Forces Next Week!

Tanks a million Gaijin!

PS4 player at last get Tanks added to the excellent War Thunder on June 5th, one day before D-Day in case you need reminding.

Ground forces is brilliant, we played the PC version a few weeks ago when we exclusively revealed that Tanks would come to PS4 "soon".

"Today we’re proud to announce that Ground Forces expansion is finally coming out in Europe on PS4 on 5th June. But it’s not about armored vehicles only – all of the other features found in the latest 1.41 version of the game are included as well: 350 different planes, squadron battles, more than 150 multiplayer missions and many other improvements."