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What is your Game of the Year ?

It's been a great year for gamers, with stunning titles like The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls closing out the previous generation of gaming and the next generation of games like Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4 blowing us away. So what was your game of the year ? Let us know in the comments.

First Look at the new Game from the Socom Developers

H-Hour: World's Elite is being developed by ex Socom developers and is described as the spiritual successor to Socom. This is what the former lead Socom developer had to say about it: "At its heart H-Hour is a spiritual successor to SOCOM, which was very skill based," said Sears. "Most of our mechanics and maps were derived or inspired from real world tactics from the armed forces, about movement over terrain and the protocol over who looks where in the team and what flank you cover and all that stuff. With SOCOM, I was always really happy to see when people started doing that naturally and formed clans and stayed together." It was funded on Kickstarter and is coming to the PS4 and PC and today we got a first look at it.

PSN Down for Maintenance Monday 9th

PSN will be undergoing maintenance on December 9th between 5pm and midnight GMT. Users who have logged in recently will still be able to play online but no one will be able to access the store or account management.

The Division Promises to be a True Next Gen Game

The full video will be coming December 9th at 9am GMT