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Pornstation 4 . PornHub app may included "rumble features" Nice!

PornHub are chatting with Sony about maybe having an official app. If this happens it will be a massive advantage over the sex starved Xbox One. What's the world coming too? Here's the full interview. International Digital Times: Why PlayStation 4? Corey Price: We like to stay ahead of the curve and offer our users the ability to view porn from all platforms! Is the company currently taking any steps toward preparation of a dedicated Pornhub app that would be available for download on the PlayStation Network? We're looking into a number of options to work with Sony in developing the first adult app for PS4. Does the company plan to charge users for access to whatever Pornhub content is made available to PS4 users? If so, will membership grant access on both PC and PS4? Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our users the ability to watch pornhub for free across all platforms, including consoles! Will PlayStation 4 users be added to any