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Call Of Duty: Ghosts PS4 1080p Vs Xbox One 720p?

Sony and Microsoft respond to the rumour that Call Of Duty:Ghosts will run at a higher resolution on PS4 than on Xbox One. Have Sony got the jump on Microsoft? It's now almost 100% confirmed that COD will run at full HD 1080p on PS4. It's in the PSN store now to pre-order on PS4. Call Of Duty has long been a Microsoft-preferred product, with Activision and Microsoft getting all cushy by providing timed exclusives on Xbox 360 for most of the generation. It seemed like the same was going to happen next-gen too - Call Of Duty: Ghosts will have timed exclusive content on Xbox One - but it seems there's a twist. A rumour spun out of control recently when an IGN preview on Call Of Duty: Ghosts had the game playing in 1080p on PS4; the first time a PlayStation console was used to market a Call Of Duty game. This lead to speculation that the Xbox One version of the game - or, worse still, the console itself - was not quite up to scratch, yet the PS4 one was. Now