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Playstation Online Exclusive: PS Vita Slim heading to the UK 2014

That's right, you heard it hear first. Sony have prepped a major UK retailer informing them that the recently released PS Vita slim is in fact bound for the UK shores at the turn of the year. No date was given to us just, "beginning of the year". The UK retailer wishes to remain anonymous but we'd like to point out that the retailer in question is one of the UK's major games/media outlets. The new Vita is both slimmer and lighter but has no OLED screen just a normal LCD screen. Many comparison shots hit the net following the Tokyo game show this year with outcries of the new screen being inferior to the old OLED screen. Now out in Japan it turns out the new screen is fine, just different hues etc. I'm glad I have the OLED screen personally. Look out for more news as we get it.

Playstation 4 trouncing Xbox One in console and games pre-orders in the US

Stats from the US show poor numbers for exclusives on xbox one with the biggest shock going to Titanfall with only 50,347. Sony Exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall beats Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and TitanFall with change left over. I can only see Titanfall being a timed exclusive if numbers stay like this. This is the Xbox Ones home territory. PS4 out performs every game bar Call of Duty, once again the xbox will be home to COD but PS4 numbers are not far behind. The number of Battlefield 4 pre-orders on PS4 trounces the Xbox One numbers. On the console front PS4 is still out in front with 725,000 and Xbox at 525,000. Worldwide PS4 numbers now stand at well over 1.5 million units. Take a look at the numbers here. PlayStation 4 – Top 10 Pre-orders 1.   Call of Duty: Ghosts  - 298,180 2.  Battlefield 4  - 273,766 3.  Killzone: Shadow Fall  - 250,155 4.  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag  - 213,354 5.  Watch Dogs  - 153,569 6.  Destiny  - 89,970 7.  Madden NFL 25  - 81,119 8.  NBA 2