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Playstation 4 bundles confirmed for the UK

Sony have confirmed that PS4 bundles will hit the UK come 29th November launch. Retailers have been told to contact people that have pre-ordered the console to give them first choice. 4 bundles are available but we only know about the Killzone SF bundle. It's quite a saving, £420.00 (aprox) will net you the PS4, Killzone SF, an extra controller and the camera. I'm not fussed on the camera but when you tot up the prices on Amazon it comes to £507.98. So a huge saving. Look out for an email soon. Update: ShopTo have sent out the following email: " ... As you may have read Sony have recently announced three new PlayStation 4 console bundles. We are currently working on our stock allocation for these and will notify you next week if a swap option from your current pre-order to one of these new bundles will be available to you. ... "

Eurogamer Expo 2013 kicks off!

This years Eurogamer Expo has started today and this year it's all about the Playstation 4 as we go first hands on in the UK tomorrow (Friday). We'll bring you all the news and reviews as we get it.