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TimeSplitters Rewind Confirmed for Playstation 4

Splitters fans jump for joy, the "open for everyone" attitude from Sony with PS4 has really paid off as the developers of Rewind confirm the PS4 game. Not only the Multiplayer but the single player stages will make there way to the console at some point. The Crytek engine will be used so expect a good looker. Rewind's next-gen console version will support cross-platform play with Rewind's main PC build. Unlike the PC version, Rewind will allow for classic split-screen multiplayer on PS4. "TimeSplitters Rewind is a fantastic initiative that Crytek continues to support," Nick Button-Brown, Crytek's general manager of games told Eurogamer today. "We are happy to see the excitement and we hope it will be a great game." Due to be released in closed alpha this winter, TimeSplitters Rewind will eventually include all maps, weapons and characters from all three TimeSplitters games. The project is the work of a band of fans led by project mana