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Gamescom 2013 Details, Vita Price Cut, Borderlands 2 on Vita, PS4 Coming November 15/29 US/EU

PS4 Launching in America 15th November and Europe 29th  Gran Turismo 6 - New trailer - Car manufacturers using GT physics engine to create prototype cars, digital and sometimes real. - Coming December 6th 2013 to PS3 - GT film coming Little Big Planet Hub - A new free to play service for PS3 - Free version of LBP supported by in app purchases - Make levels and games and share them online GTA V - PS3 hardware bundle with PS3, GTA V and branded headset - 75% off any rockstar game with purchase of the game from PSN store Vita - 3 new mega packs -- 35 Euros each -- 8gb Memory card and games - Upcoming games: -- Batman Arkham Origins -- Football Manager 2014 -- Borderlands 2 -- MurasakiBaby --- Japanese 2D story driven side scroller -- BigFest --- Festival Manager Simulator - 199 Euros and 199 Dollars Price Cut from tomorrow - Memory cards price reduction also PS4 - 10x higher performance than any existing console - Worked with deve