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PS4 at Eurogamer 2013.

P layStation 4 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013 The next generation starts here. Gamer Network, in partnership with Virgin Media, is delighted to announce that the PlayStation 4 next-generation games console from Sony Computer Entertainment will be playable on the show floor at this year's biggest ever Eurogamer Expo. Eurogamer Expo 2013 takes place at Earls Court, London, from Thursday 26th September to Sunday 29th September, and will be the first place in the UK that gamers will be able to play the next generation of home console hardware.

Monster Hunter Frontier G for Playstation 3.

Are we getting close to a Vita game? Monster Hunter Frontier G will come to Playstation 3 this year on November 20th as a free download. You can then pay-to-play month to month. Everyone suspected this game would come to PS3 at some point but surely cross play with Vita is a must? Or maybe Capcom are still quite happy to shun it's loyal Playstation hand-held gamer fans?