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Saints Row 4 Gameplay Footage

Check out the new Saints Row 4 gameplay video below, get it in Europe on August 23rd

Drive Club Tech Director Talks about the PS4's Internals

Scott Kirkland technical director for Drive Club has been talking about the PS4's internals in an interview with Edge magazine . He described the CPU as making it easy to gain great performance: " There’s the CPU, having that symmetrical architecture, that’s made it really easy for us to gain great performance from the outset.  " And talked about an initiative called Play-Go which appears to be related to game loading times: "I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Play-Go initiative which Mark Cerny spoke about, that’s something we’ve been bringing in and we’ve been heavily involved in the discussions on that. We know that that, combined with the Blu-Ray disc for physical delivery, the hard-drive is just going to allow us to deliver awesome experiences to players in a fraction of the load times and download times that players experienced on PS3 and Xbox. " On the subject of the GPU he talked about "a whole lot of special sauce" that

License Fee for PlayStation Mobile Developers Scraped

Sony have waived the publisher license fee (€80 / £65) for PlayStation Mobile. On the official blog SCEE European product manager Mayumi Donovan said "If you've been sitting on a gem of a mobile title, or found yourself with some extra time this summer, then this is the moment you've been waiting for." Lets hope we will see better games like Modern Combat 4 etc