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Gran Turismo Event Date Set to Talk About the Future of the Franchise

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi will discuss the future of the series on May 15th at Silverstone in the UK. It will be supported by various car manufacturers and GT Academy winners.

Free PS+ Games for June Announced

Sony have announced the following games will be free for European PS+ subscribers in June: Ico  Shadow of the Colossus Collection  Demon's Souls Ni No Kuni will also be on sale for just £20 for plus subscribers

Sony Never Considered Requiring an Always on Internet Connection for the PS4

There's a lot of speculation floating around that the new Xbox will require an always on internet connection and Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuei Yoshida has told Game Informer Magazine that Sony never even considered requiring it due to the lack of robust internet connections in many countries.

Three Pieces of Free DLC Coming for Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice is one of the hottest Vita games to date and Sony are capitalising on this by releasing three, free pieces of DLC for the game. The first will be coming on May 28th and include two new bosses, magic and 8 new missions as well as augmented reality support. June 11th sees another 2 bosses and 8 new missions. Finally June 25th brings another 2 bosses and 8 new missions.

Vita Update 2.12 Released

Optional firmware update 2.12 for the Vita has been released. Sony say that it improves system stability. Optional update for PS Vita coming soon; v2.12 will improve system software stability during use of some features. — PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 8, 2013