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New Call of Duty to be Unveiled May 1st ?

Marketing material at Gamestop suggests that the new COD may be revealed on May 1st.

The layout blueprint says that new marketing material for COD should be displayed on May 1st

Amazon Lists Fifa 14 for the Vita

When EA announced Fifa 14 last week, a mention of the Vita version was missing.
Well Amazon has now listed a Vita version of Fifa 14.
Could we be seeing an announcement for this version at E3 ?

You Can Now Queue Downloads from The Web Based PSN Store

Sony have added the ability to add downloads from the web based PSN store to a queue on your PS3 or Vita.

These items will then start downloading automatically when you turn the device on.

Released This Week April 22nd - 28th

Crash Time 5

 Dead Island Riptide

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Star Trek