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PS4 Chief Architect Talks About the Console

Mark Cerny the PS4s lead architect has been speaking to Gamasutra about the device.

He says that Sony began thinking about the PS4 in 2007 looking back at how the PS3 had performed.

He said that Sony did not want the PS4 to be a puzzle programmers had to solve to make quality titles.

" The PlayStation 3 was very powerful, but its unfamiliar CELL processor stymied developers. "There was huge performance there, but in order to unlock that performance, you really needed to study it and learn unique ways of using the hardware," said Cerny. "

He repeatedly commented on how the PS4s architecture was designed to be as familiar as possible to developers.

Talking about the GPU he commented that they took the best one currently available and modified it heavily.

" It's ATI Radeon. Getting into specific numbers probably doesn't help clarify the situation much, except we took their most current technology, and performed a large number of modifications to it. &quo…

Madden 25 Trailer and Cover Player Released

EA have released the first trailer for Madden 25 and announced that the cover player will be Barry Sanders.

This years iteration of Madden will concentrate on the running game and lets players "unlock the power, precision and creativity of the NFL ball carrier"

The run free feature will "let players pull off 30 different ball carrier movies like stiff arms, jukes and spins" whilst "ball carrier avoidance." will makes running backs smart enough to push off their own linemen and find new routes, instead of bumping into their backs and falling over.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection Packaging Revealed

Konami have revealed the packaging for the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection.

It will be coming to Japan in June and includes every Metal Gear game to date.

Are Sony Working on a new Playstation Exclusive ?

Sony have filed a trademark application for THE ORDER: 1886.
The application reveals nothing more, but if Sony are registering the name, they must have something planned.

Sony release new Dual Shock 4 Promotional Video

In a video clearly inspired by Apple, Sony have released a new Dual Shock 4 promotional video.

It features a bunch of developers promoting the new features of the input device.

Another Battlefield 4 Promotional Poster Leaks

The following BF4 poster is apparently from an Australian retailer according to BFCentral

It once again teases commander mode which a previous leak had suggested as a feature.

PS3 Firmware 4.11 Released

PS3 Firmware 4.11 has been released today.

The update is minor and improves system stability.

Hopefully it fixes PlayTV

Update: No it doesn't

PS Vita YouTube app gets background running update

Sony have announced that a new YouTube update is available in a recent Twitter post,

Fun fact: New update for @youtubeis coming soon, will enable you to watch videos without closing your other applications. Nifty!
— PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 23, 2013
As gamers will know this will be handy for game tips and walkthroughs when playing.

The Web app received the same update last month.