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3G Vita Slashed to £179 at Carphone Warehouse

The 3G version of the PS Vita has been slashed to just £179 at Carphone Warehouse in the UK.

A great chance to pick one up cheaply.

We've reported before on rumours that the 3G Vita may be discontinued, could this be another sign of that ?

First Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Details and Screens

New details about Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate for PS Vita have appeared online thanks to an interview with the developers by Game Informer.

The full list of details can be found here, but the below are the highlights.

It takes place after the end of Origins on consolesSet on the isolated island at the Blackgate PenitentiaryBatman moves through a side-scrolling game worldNot focused on leveling up abilities like the console gamesFreeflow combat system
The big news we can see is that Batman will move through a side scrolling game world, slightly disappointing as the Vita is capable of so much more.
A side effect of it coming to Vita and the 3DS ?

Hitman Absolution Coming to PS+ Next Month

Great news for European PS+ subscribers as a comment on the official blog has confirmed that Hitman Absolution, the latest installment in the Hitman series is coming to PS+ for free next month.

The game is on sale currently, but the blog post was updated to say that:

"Further briefing from HQ shows Hitman Absolution – included in the discounts below – is also landing on all EU PlayStation Plus member services as part of the Instant Game Collection from 1st May! "

We reviewed the game when it was released and loved it.

Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Video

A video has been released by IGN with the developers of Dark Souls 2, the sequel to Demon Souls talking through 12 minutes of gameplay.

Demon Souls is well known for it's insane difficulty level and the game promises to be "more straightforward and more understandable" than its predecessor but Miyazaki has moved to allay fears that the sequel could tone down the series' trademark high difficulty.

Heavy Rain Developers Working on an Online Game ?

A job listing on Quantic Dreams website is looking for a Lead Online Programmer.

The studio is famous for unique games such as Heavy Rain and David Cage said online gaming was something he hoped to tackle soon, and he wanted to apply the same design philosophy of a game like Heavy Rain to "multiplayer experiences."

We've reported before that the studio has purchased and so maybe this title will be online ?

Batman Arkham Origins Screens

The first Batman Arkham Origins screens have appeared online

The Dual Shock 4 Has Been in Development Since 2011

Evolution Studios have revealed that they have been helping Sony work on the design of the Dual Shock 4 along with Guerrilla studios since December 2011.

They helped choose the gyros, prototype the analogue sticks and define the feel of the triggers

“The control side of things has always been a really important thing for racing games, so we made sure that we got involved in the controller discussion very early on,” said Scott Kirkland. “I think this goes back to Christmas 2011. We started working with the guys in Japan on what became the DualShock 4. We were instrumental in securing the specific gyro components that [will] go in the DualShock 4; we had prototypes that demonstrated that the really high frequency gyros were the ones that allowed us to chuck the controller around like a steering wheel, and the ones that they were considering [meant] you could get a fair degree of lag and have to rely on accelerometers to compensate for that. So we put a very compelling case forward to t…