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Kojima Clears Up some Metal Gear Confusion

In a long interview on Game Trailers Kojima has cleared up some confusion around the latest Metal Gear Solid game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
He says that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain will be released separately. "We can't comment just yet on how these things will be distributed and sold," he said. Ground Zeroes, the prologue, will come first, Kojima said, and will introduce players to the gameplay "on a smaller scale."

He also confirmed that David Hayter was not asked to reprise his role as Snake / Big Boss due to the desire to set this game apart from the others.

New PS4 Details Revealed

Sony have revealed new PS4 details at a GDC panel.

1) The 64-bit x86 CPU provides low power consumption and heat.

The 8 cores each have a single hardware thread and separate 32kb L1 instruction and data caches with a shared 2mb L2 cache.

Multithreading support is made easier with hardware support for atomic operations.

The CPU will have an extended DirectX 11.1+ feature set that includes extra debugging support not available on the PC and will allow developers more direct access to the shader pipeline than on the PS3.

2) The Blu-Ray drive will be up to 3x faster than the one in the PS3

3) Every console will come with a "very large" hard drive

4) Every console will come with a headset

5) The PS4 will record everything by default, requiring no extra work by developers

New PS4 Controller Details Revealed

Sony has reveled some new details about the PS4s controller at GDC this week.

The D Pad and and face buttons are now digitial unlike on the PS3 controller where they were analogue allowing the pressure applied to each button to be detected, but Sony claims that developers never used this feature so they are removing it.

The touchpad resolution is 1920 x 900 and the trigger buttons are more curved.

The PS4 will also provide power to its USB ports when in sleep mode allowing controllers to be charged.