Borderlands 2 DLC Incoming

The DLC details:

A sixth playable character, the Psycho called 'Krieg' will be available in May

If you want to level up to level 61 then you can buy the DLC released on April 2nd, which will also add a new weapons tier called Pearlescent, the rarest in the game.

Also released that day will be a free piece of DLC that adds Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, playable by any one who has beaten True Vault Hunter mode and reached level 50.

Weekly Roundup March 18 - 24

Incase you missed anything here are the important things that happened this week ...


The first Battlefield 4 promotional image appeared online

Quickly followed by a teaser for the trailer

The BioShock Infinite TV Advert found its way online

Pottermore is coming to Home


Sony Santa Monica Confirmed God of War: Ascension’s Trial of Archimedes Will be Made Easier

A video was released showing the lighting effects on the PS4

PlayStation 4 might be launching in October 2013


Final Fantasy XV is PS4 Exclusive 


PS3 Firmware 4.40 Was Released

A Battlefield 4 Teaser Site Was Launched


Could this be the PS4 ?

Battlefield 4 Sea Combat Trailer

Europe's PS+ Goodies for April Detailed

100+ Vita Games are Coming this Year


Infamous Second Son is coming to the PS4

Diablo 3 Gameplay Footage

Battlefield 4 Will be Set in Shanghai


New Borderlands 2 DLC is Coming