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New PS Vita and PS3 game on the way from Sega

An image has been posted teasing a new game on the way from Sega. The date is set for March 28th. I wonder what it is?

New Dead Island Riptide Trailer

A new trailer for Dead Island Riptide was released today, check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments: The game is released on April 16th

Battlefield 4 Teaser Site

EA and Dice have revealed a teaser site for the upcoming Battlefield 4 There encouraging people to signup by saying: "The more fans who login, the more we'll reveal" Which should net them a nice collection of email address to use for marketing. The nifty website allows you to rub the water away and reveal tanks in the background, or if you login the water is removed for you. Signing up / logging in also nets you a dog tag for use in BF3

[Updated] PS3 Firmware 4.40 Released

Update: The Japanese PS Blog lists the following changes in version 4.40 Improved System Stability Adds Sony RC-S380 NFC Reader Compatability The PS3 firmware has been updated to version 4.40 and it is mandatory to update if you want to play online. Sony haven't released any details of the update but the previous firmware update had broken Play TV , so hopefully this update will at least address that.