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Massive PlayStation All Stars Patch Inbound

Seth Killian from Sony Santa Monica has provided details of the incoming patch for PlayStation All Stars it includes bug fixes as well as balance improvements. Extensive details here

Sony Handing Out Free PSN Credit

According to reports Sony appears to be handing out $10 of PSN credit for free to US customers. They won't reveal how the recipients are chosen but this is the second time this year they've done this. Have you been one of the lucky ones ? Post in the comments

Are You in the Top 1% of PlayStation Users ?

Some avid PlayStation fans are reporting that they have been contacted by Sony to be part of the PlayStation MVP program. Sony describes MVPs as "the most highly engaged members of the PlayStation community, with an impressive trophy and game collection that represent the top 1% of the PlayStation Community." It looks like you also need to be active online creating game walk throughs and posting on the Official Forums. Did you get an email? Post in the comments. Image adapted from IGN