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Oddworld: Strangers Wrath PS Vita Review

Just Add Water's Western delight. I was not an Xbox fan and so I missed out on the wonderful world of Odd. I played about with Abe on the first Playstation and looked forward to the next game on the PS2. Screens were shown but then a shift was made to the Xbox. Oddworld had jumped ship. Strangers first made its console showing way back in 2005. I didn't know anything about the game until it showed up on the Playstation 3 in glorious HD. I won't dwell on that game version only to say that this pumped up the excitement as to the thought of a PS Vita version. I waited and waited, then Christmas came early on December the 18th as Stranger arrived on the Vita just in time for everyone to enjoy its delights over Christmas. So with so many ports getting a rough ride how does Strangers play on Vita? One word, brilliantly. As soon as you boot the game up, from the loading screens to in-game the graphics they all look stunning on the Vitas screen, lighting

Killzone Mercenary dev diary shows new gameplay. Must see.

Tom Jones says the developer aims to make Killzone Mercenary "the best-looking game on Vita". The game hits the US on September 17th so we can expect it on the following Friday. I really can't wait for this.